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Exploiting Google on the Cheap

By Eric Howes,  KnowBe4 Principal Lab Researcher.  So, maybe you're a bad guy who doesn't have fancy code monkeys who can cook up an exploit that effectively converts Google into a ...
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The Government may be shut down, but the bad guys are not

By Eric Howes, KnowBe4 Principal Lab Researcher.  Once again we are starting tax season, and malicious actors are spinning up phishing campaigns to exploit the myriad opportunities ...
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Is that phone call really from Amazon?

By Eric Howes,  KnowBe4 Principal Lab Researcher.  Now that it's the holiday season, malicious parties across the globe are exploiting Amazon's good name and popularity with consumers to ...
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School Daze: Clever Phishing Emails Target Educational Organizations

By Eric Howes,  KnowBe4 Principal Lab Researcher. It will surprise few people to learn that during our daily review of suspicious emails forwarded to us by users of the Phish Alert Button ...
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Phishing from Beyond the Grave...

By Eric Howes,  KnowBe4 Principal Lab Researcher. It's no secret that the threat of phishing emails has been growing at an alarming rate for a number of years. Indeed, ZDNet recently ...
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