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Fresh KnowBe4 2016 Datasheet with new Phish Alert button

We have just published a brand new 2016 datasheet that includes all the main features added over the last 12 months. 

What I'm highlighting is this exciting free option if you use Outlook and Exchange in your environment:

Phish Alert Button for Outlook

KnowBe4’s Phish Alert button gives your users a safe way to forward email threats to the security team for analysis and deletes the email from the user's inbox to prevent future exposure. All with just one click!

Please vote for KnowBe4 at the Cybersecurity Excellence Awards.

Here is a short summary of why we are asking for your vote:
  1. Highest growth in customers over all competitive products - users are flocking to this product over any other.
  2. Most complete suite of anti-phishing tools and the only to include that includes Vishing. It is integrated CBT and phishing from conception not a mish-mash of acquired products.
  3. Uses Kevin Mitnick Security Awareness Training and is based on real world scenarios and attacks.

American Chamber Of Commerce Scam Is Spear-phishing Prep

You may be aware of Steven Weisman, Esq. He writes a great daily blog called Scamicide, and is a is a nationally recognized identity theft expert, experienced university lecturer, proven lawyer specializing in elder law, and a seasoned author of nine books pertaining to identity theft, scams and financial planning.  

Ransomware Criminals Infect Thousands With Weird WordPress Hack

An unexpectedly large number of WordPress websites have been mysteriously compromised and are delivering the TeslaCrypt ransomware to unwitting end-users.  Antivirus is not catching this yet.

World's Most Famous Hacker Raises $8 Million To Play In Billion Dollar Security Awareness Training Market

Hi Guys, this is too good to miss. Check out this brand new article in Forbes Magazine. They started out with: 

FDIC Warns Banks To Beef Up Cyber Security

I found a very interesting article at the ValueWalk site about the FDIC requiring banks to improve their cyber security, they started out with: 

This Week's Five Most Popular HackBusters Posts

There is an enormous amount of noise in the security space, so how do you know what people really talk about and think is the most important topic? Well, we created the Hackbusters site for that. Hackbusters grabs feeds from hundreds of security sites, blogs and other sources. We track which topics are most liked, shared, retweeted and favored, and we built an algorithm that bubbles up the -real- hot topics. We tweet when a #1 hot security topic bubbles up.

Here are this week's five most popular hackbusters posts:

This Week's Ransomware Roundup

1) I was going to write up all the ransomware related news and then ran across this article by Senior Editor Sara Peters at Darkreading. Saves me some time! She started out with: "Inventive new variants and damaging attacks swept through the headlines this week." She is so right, and covers:

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