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11 Ways to Defeat Two-Factor Authentication [LIVE WEBINAR]

  Everyone knows that two-factor authentication (2FA) is more secure than a simple login name and password, but too many people think that 2FA is a perfect, unhackable solution. It isn't! ...
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Spend One Minute And Look At These Phishing Graphs

In the first quarter of 2018, after 7 years of helping our customers to enable their employees to make smarter security decisions and having reached the milestone of 15,000 customers, we ...
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How To Create A Security Culture in 2018

Ever heard: "If it was easy, everyone would do it" ? Creating a better security culture in your organization has a few challenges. Let's have a look at them, see how you can overcome ...
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How To Explain Meltdown And Spectre To Your C-Level and employees

OK, 2018 has just started and it has totally borked all networks in the whole world. That's a fine mess we're in to start off the year. :-) Meltdown and Spectre are CPU hardware design ...
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Book Review: A Data-Driven Computer Security Defense: THE Computer Security Defense You Should Be Using

Excellent book about InfoSec that has everything you need to know and nothing you don't. A Data-Driven Computer Security Defense: THE Computer Security Defense You Should Be Using by ...
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Webinar “Six Cybersecurity Trends Organizations Need to Watch for in 2018”

Watch this insider’s perspective of cybersecurity trends to expect in 2018 from our founder Stu Sjouwerman. The list of six predictions are founded on KnowBe4’s deep insight into threats ...
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Spy Vs. Spy? WikiLeaks Says CIA Impersonated Kaspersky Lab

Wow, the plot thickens.  Attribution indeed is a very murky business.  According to WikiLeaks, its analysis revealed that by using these fake certificates, the CIA made it look like data ...
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How to sell cybersecurity to your executive team

Scott Schlimmer wrote a great post at CSO about the constant battle between profitable business investments and “unprofitable” security investments to protect the current bottom-line. ...
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Fancy Bear Goes Phishing For DC Cybersecurity Conference Attendees

Want to target a large swath of cybersecurity professionals in one go? Just crash their "cyber" party with a decoy document. So goes the modus operandi for an advanced persistent threat ...
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New Worry For CEOs: A Career-Ending Cybersecurity Breach

Corporate chiefs get more involved in defense against hackers, fearing a cybersecurity breach could cost their jobs, hurt their businesses. Vanessa Fuhnmans wrote an excellent heads-up ...
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