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News about the latest CEO fraud attacks. See how the bad guys actually do this and how much money companies lose to this type of scam.

Scam Of The Week: *Another* New CEO Fraud Phishing Wrinkle

So, here's a new CEO Fraud phish: see these fresh screen shots from emails reported to us through the free KnowBe4 Phish Alert Button. Bad guys spoof the managing partner and CPA and an ...
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$250,000 CEO Fraud In A Municipal Finance Department

Local, state, and Federal authorities are investigating a phishing attack that victimized the city of Alamogordo, New Mexico. One of the city's procurement officers received what appeared ...
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FBI Warns that Business Email Compromise (CEO Fraud) is a "$12 Billion Scam"

The FBI is again warning of the threat posed by business email compromise (BEC, aka CEO Fraud) and email account compromise (EAC). Together, says the Bureau, these have cost businesses ...
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[Heads-up] Employees Sue Company For W-2 Phishing Scam. Federal Court Decides Triple Damages

Imagine my surprise when I saw a picture of myself in the blog of large North Carolina Law firm Poyner Spruill. It was all good though. They had picked up an example of a real W-2 ...
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Finally, The Criminals Pay in CEO Fraud Scam

Some good news finally. It seems that the bad guys do get caught sometimes. In this case, 70 cybercriminals in the U.S. and Nigeria.
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Surprise! What's The Country Where All The CEO Fraud Gangs Are?

A new study by Agari concludes that, despite all the attention nation-state espionage services have been getting for their phishing attacks, the big threat still comes from criminal gangs.
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The Class Action Litigation Consequences of Business Email Compromise Attacks

Sunil Shenoi, Seth Traxler and Gianni Cutri are partners at Kirkland & Ellis LLP and advise clients on a variety of data security issues, including responding to data security incidents, ...
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CEO Fraud Costs Major Airline Millions Of Dollars

This week the international carrier Japan Airlines (JAL) admitted it had fallen victim to CEO Fraud that cost it 384 million yen (about $3.39 million). The incidents took place in ...
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‚ÄčTrend Micro: CEOs Are The Most Spoofed

Trend Micro researchers reported that  cybercriminals spoofed the CEO email address the most, with CFOs and finance directors being the top attack targets. In their 2017 Midyear Security ...
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MacEwan University Victim Of $11.8M CEO Fraud

CBC News reported that an Edmonton, Canada university was the victim of a $11.8 million CEO fraud attack after staff failed to call one of its vendors to verify whether emails requesting ...
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