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How Hacking Became Russia’s Weapon of Choice

A study by the World Bank stated that Russia boasts more than 1 million software specialists involved in research and development.

Russian illegal cyber warriors are among the most proficient in the world with around 40 large criminal cyber rings operating within the country’s borders.

The Russian government has long been known to source its technology, world-class hacking talent and even some intelligence information from local cyber crime rings.

Russia Arrests Kaspersky Exec and FSB Spook

Russian authorities have arrested Sergei Mikhailov, deputy chief at the FSB's Information Security Center (CDC), and Kaspersky exec Ruslan Stoyanov on charges of treason.

Mikhailov has been accused of receiving money from "foreign organizations," Russian daily newspaper Kommersant reports, citing unnamed FSB sources.

Mikhailov was reportedly arrested in December. His department is responsible for monitoring the Russian internet as well as investigating data leaks, although some security experts say it may also be used for offensive operations.

Russian authorities also arrested Ruslan Stoyanov (see picture), who heads the computer incidents investigations team at Moscow-based Kaspersky Lab, and who has reportedly also served as a liaison between the company and Russian security services.

The Who Behind The Why Of Relentless Phishing And Ransomware Attacks

Why are organizations in the West subjected to relentless phishing and ransomware attacks? We need to go back in history for a bit to understand what caused this, and determine how we can best prepare ourselves.

Russia Hacking America Started With Phishing Attacks

As one of his last actions in office, President Obama expelled 35 Russian diplomats spies in retaliation for Russia interfering with the U.S. election process, after intelligence agencies lined up their stories and all pointed at Putin.

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