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Bad guys use Google's Golang to cross-compile multi-platform malware

Here is the bad news: The use of Google's Golang (also called Go) programming language allows attackers to cross-compile malware for use on multiple platforms, making potential attacks on ...
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North Korea Brings Light to a “Cool” Way to Spread Malware

In the midst of all the political talk about the recent summit between the United States and North Korea, one particular gift caught the eye of security experts.
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They’re Trying to Run Malicious Code (And You’re Letting Them!)

According to a new threat report from security vendor eSentire, 91% of endpoint incidents involve files that won’t be defeated/blocked/removed by anti-malware solutions.
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Ad Network Uses Advanced Malware Technique To Conceal Cryptojacking Ads

I blogged a few days ago about a method to embed a crypto-mining script in a Word doc. Turns out an ad network has done an even better job! Arstechnica wrote: "Domain-name algorithms are ...
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KillDisk Fake Ransomware Hits Financial Firms in Latin America

  A new version of the KillDisk disk-wiping malware has hit companies in the financial sector in Latin America, Trend Micro reported yesterday. Just like previous versions, KillDisk ...
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Skeleton in the closet: 17-year old MS office flaw allows malware install when user opens file

Here is a new pain in the neck! Fix this one ASAP. While the world is still dealing with the threat of 'unpatched' Microsoft Office's built-in DDE feature, researchers have uncovered a ...
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Scary new malware hides in memory, uses DNS to communicate, and spreads through phishing

Cisco has a separate threat research group called Talos. They just published a report on a scary new form of malware that’s hard to detect. They called it DNSMessenger, and the malicous ...
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[Heads-Up] First-Ever Russian Malicious Mac Macro Discovered

Appleinsider reported Feb 9, 2017: "Mac malware discovered in Microsoft Word document with auto-running macro", which was the second example of malware targeting macOS users this week.   ...
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Bad News: Your Antivirus Detection Rates Have Dramatically Declined In 12 Months

We all had the nagging suspicion that antivirus is not cutting it anymore, but the following numbers confirm your intuition. I have not seen more powerful ammo for IT security budget to ...
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Scam Of The Week: Pokémon Malware, Muggings And Other Mayhem

In case you just came back from vacation, there literally is a new craze going on with an augmented-reality smartphone app called Pokémon Go. It's a geocaching game, meaning it's tied to ...
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