Brand-New Ransomware Simulator Tool Now with Two New Ransomware Scenarios

The bad guys are continuing to evolve their approach to evading detection. That’s why we’ve updated our Ransomware Simulation tool “RanSim” to include two new ransomware scenarios!  These ...
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Cryptojacking 101: A First Look at Cryptomining Attacks

Your organization might just be making someone else money by allowing them to mine for cryptocurrency on your computers… and not even know it.
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Ad Network Uses Advanced Malware Technique To Conceal Cryptojacking Ads

I blogged a few days ago about a method to embed a crypto-mining script in a Word doc. Turns out an ad network has done an even better job! Arstechnica wrote: "Domain-name algorithms are ...
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Tennessee Hospital Hit With Cryptojacking Attack Sends Out Databreach Notification

Decatur County General Hospital is notifying 24,000 patients of cryptomining software on its EMR system. In what may be the first report I’ve seen of a hospital having their EMR server ...
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Cisco: "Cybercrime Swaps Ransomware For Cryptomining, Generating Millions"

Cisco's Talos Threat Intelligence team has a good observation. Cybercriminals can just steal CPU/GPU cycles and directly generate any cryptocurrency without infecting the system with ...
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What are “WannaMine” attacks, and how do I avoid them?

It's suddenly all over the news. In hindsight, it was a matter of "not if, but when".  Sophos just warned against a new hybrid worm that combines the ETERNALBLUE exploit and cryptomining. ...
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