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Scam Of The Week: Locked PDF Phishing Attack

Wednesday Jan 4th, the SANS Internet Storm Center warned about an active phishing campaign that has malicious PDF attachments in a new scam to steal email credentials.

The SANS bulletin said that the email has the subject line “Assessment document” and the body contains a single PDF attachment that claims to be locked. A message reads: “PDF Secure File UNLOCK to Access File Content.”

John Bambenek, handler at SANS Internet Storm Center said: “This is an untargeted phishing campaign. They are not going after the most sophisticated users. They are going after Joe Cubicle that may not think twice about entering credentials to unlock a PDF,”

This is a large spray-and-pray campaign that hopes to get a small foothold into your org via an email account and then compromise, tunnel in or send spear-phishing attacks. Here is how it looks:

Adobe's New VoCo Is PhotoShop For Audio - The Potential For Voice Phishing Is Horrendous

Our friends at sent me some interesting news in their January newsletter: "Adobe recently announced Project VoCo at the November Adobe Max conference.

It’s purported to have the ability to take recordings of someone’s voice, then create audio that sounds like it is from that person.  In a nutshell, it’s Photoshop for audio." 

And they continued with: "According to Adobe, the software needs about twenty minutes of someone’s voice, and then it can recreate that voice exactly

Russian Breach US Grid? Nah, Someone Fell For Social Engineering And Enabled Macros

Breathlessly, the Washington Post reports that the Russian Grizzly Steppe malware was found within the system of a Vermont power utility. 

Nah, they just dodged a bullet. This time someone fell for a social engineering ruse, opened an email, next opened the attachment and then enabled macros on a laptop that was not connected to the grid. It's a bad security awareness fail, but no real damage done. Yet. Because that's similar how Natanz was penetrated by Stuxnet.

Russia Hacking America Started With Phishing Attacks

As one of his last actions in office, President Obama expelled 35 Russian diplomats spies in retaliation for Russia interfering with the U.S. election process, after intelligence agencies lined up their stories and all pointed at Putin.

Disk-Killer Malware Adds Ransomware Feature And Charges $200,000+ 

Talk about adding insult to injury with this new KillDisk version. Here is how social engineering can cost you dearly. 

The Sandworm cybercrime gang has upped its game. They were initially named after the Sandworm malware which targeted and sabotaged Industrial Control Systems  and Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) industrial devices in America during 2014,

The Sandworm gang later evolved into the TeleBots gang, which developed the TeleBots backdoor trojan, and the KillDisk disk-wiping malware.

You Need To Know The Top 10 IT Security Trends For 2017

I have been looking at the coming year and what trends you will probably see actually deployed in your network. These trends are the practical things that will help you to keep your network safer with improved defense-in-depth.

Scam Of The Week: George Michael Dies At 53. Watch out for phishing attacks

Today, news broke that George Michael was found dead on Sunday at his home in Goring in Oxfordshire, England. He was 53.  A police statement said: “Thames Valley Police were called to a property in Goring-on-Thames shortly before 2 p.m. Christmas Day. Sadly, a 53-year-old man was confirmed deceased at the scene. At this stage the death is being treated as unexplained but not suspicious.”

Mr. Michael’s manager, Michael Lippman, told The Hollywood Reporter that Mr. Michael had died of heart failure “in bed, lying peacefully.”

This is a celebrity death similar to Prince that the bad guys are going to exploit in a variety of ways. You have to warn your users right away that a series of scams are underway using the George Michael death as social engineering trick. Earlier celebrity death scams show there will be a high click rate on scams that claim to show Michael's last words on video.

L.A. County Phishing Attack: 750,000 record data breach

Confidential health data or personal information of more than 750,000 people may have been accessed in a cyberattack on Los Angeles County employees in May that led to charges this week against a Nigerian national, officials have disclosed.

The May 13 attack targeted 1,000 county employees from several departments with a phishing email. The email tricked 108 employees into providing usernames and passwords to their accounts, some of which contained confidential patient or client information, officials said.

Scam Of The Week: The 1 Billion Yahoo Hack

This is getting old. It's all over the press... again.  Here is a Reuters article where I am quoted, which covers the most recent billion-record Yahoo hack.

Some people asked me after our Flash announcement last week: "Stu, really, these hacks happened a few years ago, closing down my whole Yahoo account, or blocking Yahoo at the firewall... aren't you going a bit overboard here?"

Good question. Here is my take:

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