Pretexting Defined

Pretexting is a social engineering tactic in which an attacker attempts to gain information, access, or money by tricking a victim into trusting them, according to Josh Fruhlinger at CSO ...
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[Heads-up] It's OK To Just Say No To Phone Scams

Earlier this week a credit union located in the Midwest United States alerted its members via email to a pair of phone-and-text-based scams designed to trick unwitting users into coughing ...
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Insecure Database Exposes Millions of Private SMS Messages

Researchers discovered an unprotected TrueDialog database hosted by Microsoft Azure with diverse and business-related data from tens of millions of users.
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A massive international email scam netted $3 million worth of top-secret US military equipment

In a recent case first reported by Quartz, a crew of international cyber criminals allegedly convinced an unidentified US defense contractor to send them millions of dollars worth of ...
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It's Happening The World Over: $300K Lost To Phone Scammer

A woman in Singapore lost $300,000 to a scammer posing as a Singtel customer service employee, according to the Straits Times. The scammer told the victim he would fix some problems with ...
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CNN Says "Hack Our Reporter," and White Hat Rachel Tobac *Does*

It’s “disturbingly easy” to steal someone’s personal data using information gleaned from their social media accounts, according to Donie O’Sullivan at CNN. O’Sullivan met with Rachel ...
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