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Are Your Compliance, Risk, And Audit Projects Taking Up Too Much Of Your Time?

You told us you have challenging compliance requirements, not enough time to get audits done, and keeping up with risk assessments is a continuous problem.
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NY Cyber Law Hits 3rd Deadline: Toughest Yet to Come, How To Get And Stay Compliant?

Craig A. Newman, partner at Patterson Belknap wrote: "By today, financial institutions are required to meet their next deadline for compliance with New York’s cybersecurity law. The ...
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[Heads-up] The May 2018 GDPR Deadline May Fuel New Extortion Attempts

Trend Micro has released its annual security roundup, and it shows several interesting trends that will likely continue into 2018. There is bad news and worse news, with a little bit of ...
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KnowBe4 Attains SOC 2 Type I Compliance For The Hosted Phishing And Training Product Offerings

KnowBe4, Inc, the world's largest security awareness training and simulated phishing platform, this week announced it has successfully completed a Service Organization Controls (SOC) 2 ...
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Which EU 2018 Directive Is More Important Than GDPR?

If you have sales offices in Europe, or full subsidiaries, you need to be aware of the NIS directive. Peter Dekker at Enisa warned about the following: During 2017, the GDPR buzz reached ...
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Complex regulations and sophisticated cyber attacks inflate non-compliance costs

The cost of non-compliance has significantly increased over the past few years, and the issue could grow more serious. 90 percent of organizations believe that compliance with ...
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URGENT - If IT and Marketing are not freaking out about GDPR compliance, you are not paying attention

I found an article about GDPR compliance written by the fine folks of HubSpot, which we use ourselves here at KnowBe4 use for marketing automation. We have customers in Europe, so our ...
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We're Still Not Ready for GDPR? What is Wrong With Us?

Sara Peters, Senior Editor at Darkreading wrote an excellent article about GDPR. It is both reprimanding and encouraging to get off our collective butts and do something about GDPR very ...
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Federal Contractor? Insider Threat Training Deadline June 1- Don't Lose Your Clearance

Insider Threat Training Requirement for US Gov't Contractors (Deadline May 31, 2017) SANS just alerted US federal contractors that wish to maintain their clearances must have completed an ...
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Cybersecurity Top Risk Consideration In Board Room

The Wall Street Journal polled its readers and asked them to rate the top compliance issues of 2014. The answers were very interesting! 
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PCI Publishes Guidance On Security Awareness Training

The Payment Card Industry Council thinks Security Awareness Training is so important that they just published a 25-page guidance paper that fully explains the why, how and what of ...
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Federal Compliance Rules Skyrocket

Underscoring the difficulty of compliance management in the context of just US federal rulemaking – not to mention rules published by state, local and other governments and organizations ...
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NISTs New Approach to Cybersecurity Standards

Applying Engineering Values to IT Security. The National Institute of Standards and Technology is developing new cybersecurity standards based on the same principles engineers use to ...
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4.8 Million Heftiest HIPAA Fine From Federal Regulators Yet

Federal regulators have issued a $4.8 million sanction, the largest HIPAA settlement to date, against two partnering New York healthcare organizations following a breach affecting just ...
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New Whitepaper: Improving the Compliance Management Process

We are excited to announce a new whitepaper that covers important compliance requirements that you are obligated to satisfy, provides some high level recommendations about what you can do ...
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Do you recognize yourself in The Compliance Curve?

Have a look at the curve here. Do you recognize yourself? It's the process that many IT pros told us they go through on a regular basis, much like Groundhog Day.  
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89% Fail To Maintain PCI Compliance Between Assessments

OUCH. Verizon said in a report this month that 89% of organizations that achieve annual compliance with the PCI Data Security Standard -fail- to maintain that status after passing the ...
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The Relationship Between Compliance And Security

This venn-diagram illustrates the relationship between Compliance and Security in a funny way.
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