Your KnowBe4 Compliance Plus Fresh Content Updates from May 2024

Check out the May updates in Compliance Plus so you can stay on top of featured compliance training content.


Popcorn Training – Financial Compliance: The FX Global Code

This Mobile-First Module is all about being honest and fair in the world of money exchange. Learn the benefits of the Foreign Exchange Global Code, why it's important for buying and selling foreign currency, dive into the Six Leading Principles of the code and discover the best ways to be clear and honest in money deals. This will help you start building great habits for a trustworthy future in foreign exchange and finance. 

exploqii – TISAX: Prototype Protection

The automotive industry is more dependent on technological innovations than almost any other sector. It is also a global industry that is highly competitive, always in the public eye and under the watchful gaze of criminals. Prototypes are particularly tempting targets.

This training module is aimed at employees in the automotive industry and explains the basics of protecting prototypes and information in accordance with TISAX, the established standard for information security. This module will use an example to illustrate the cause and consequences of security gaps and explain how information protection works under TISAX. 

MediaPRO – PHIPA and PHI Basics of Ontario

In this Mobile-First Module, employees will be given a brief introduction to the Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA) of Ontario, Canada, what PHIPA is, its purpose and what is considered protected personal health information (PHI) under PHIPA.

exploqii – KRITIS: IT Security for Critical Infrastructures in Germany

This training module introduces the topic of IT security for Critical Infrastructures in Germany (KRITIS - kritische Infrastrukturen). The goal is to familiarize employees with the key principles: KRITIS organizations, their IT security requirements and the role of employees in protecting against cyber threats. Employees will discover how IT incidents and cyberattacks are reported, how the latest technology can be used to protect critical infrastructure and how they can help. 

exploqii – Managing Risks: The EU's AI Act

Applications based on artificial intelligence (AI) offer unimaginable opportunities, but it is not yet possible to calculate the risks associated with them. With the "Regulation laying down harmonized rules on artificial intelligence," known as the AI Act, the European Union is defining a set of rules intended to control the operation, sale and development of AI systems in order to minimize risks from this technology.

This training module provides an initial overview of this topic. It is aimed at employees of organizations that use, develop or sell AI systems now or that will in the future. Employees will learn the basics of the AI Act and an overview of the four risk levels as defined by the Act.

exploqii  – The Revised Swiss Data Protection Act 

The new or revised Data Protection Act (revDSG), which came into force in September 2023, is the definitive set of regulations for the protection of personal data in Switzerland. This Mobile-First Module informs employees without in-depth prior knowledge about the most important terms and regulations. Employees will learn what personal data is and why it is so important to protect it. 


Fresh Content Update Compliance Plus May 2024



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