Enhance NIS2 Compliance: Elevate Your Cybersecurity with Awareness & Culture Before The Deadline

NIS2The NIS2 Directive, also known as the Network and Information Security Directive, is a crucial piece of legislation designed to enhance cybersecurity and protect critical infrastructure across the European Union (EU).

Building on the previous NIS Directive, it addresses its shortcomings and expands its scope to improve security requirements, reporting obligations, and crisis management capabilities. As a business operating in the EU, complying with the NIS2 Directive is essential to safeguard your systems, mitigate cyber threats, and ensure resilience.

Expanded Scope:
The NIS2 Directive broadens its scope to cover additional sectors and digital service providers. Make sure you understand whether your organization now falls within the Directive's jurisdiction, as this will determine your compliance obligations.

Risk Management:
You must implement more stringent risk management measures. This involves identifying and assessing risks, establishing policies and procedures, and ensuring proper training and awareness programs for your employees.

Incident Reporting:
The NIS2 Directive mandates the reporting of significant incidents within 24 hours and less significant incidents within 72 hours. Familiarize yourself with the reporting criteria and ensure your organization has an effective incident response plan in place, including clear reporting channels and procedures.

Address issues Before The October 2024 Deadline
With the introduction of harmonized administrative fines and stronger enforcement powers for national authorities, you must take compliance seriously. Understand your organization's awareness requirements, identify any gaps, and develop a roadmap to address them before the October 2024 deadline.

Maintain a Strong Security Posture:
Well-informed and well-trained employees are crucial for ensuring your organization's cybersecurity resilience and effective incident response, both of which are key aspects of the NIS2 Directive. Raising awareness and providing cybersecurity training for employees are essential components of an effective risk management strategy and should be implemented to ensure NIS2 compliance.

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