Sexual Harassment Prevention Training from…KnowBe4?

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What is a Good Completion Percentage for Security and Compliance Training?When you think of KnowBe4, you probably think of phishing training, good password hygiene modules, security awareness, or maybe even data protection compliance such as GDPR. 

Chances are you don’t think about sexual harassment prevention training, but in fact we have had more than 2,000 organizations and 414,000 learners around the world complete this training we offer as part of our Compliance Plus library

How It Started

It all started in 2019 at our first KB4-CON user conference when we announced a switch in a content partner that provided this type of training to our library as a bonus to our security content. We received feedback that it was not a complete offering to meet all the needs and not the same quality. 

A number of our customers suggested we could create our own KnowBe4 quality modules by using subject matter experts and external law firms for review. That is exactly what we did two years later when we launched a complete library of compliance training. Today that library has over 500 pieces of content, and that number continues to grow. 

Sexual Harassment Prevention Training for Diverse Needs

We don’t just have one harassment training module but many. In the U.S. there are several states, like California, with legislation that mandate sexual harassment training. These training mandates typically have certain requirements related to content, interactivity, and duration. 

Most  states with legislative training obligations have similar requirements but there are differences. Our Compliance Plus team has created state specific modules that address these differences and share a common design to ensure a similar user experience no matter where learners are located.  

The Need for Anti-Harassment Training

Globally, more than one in five persons in employment has experienced violence and harassment at work during their working life. These statistics call for immediate action.

While many countries require employers to adopt policies against harassment and/or bullying, demonstrating compliance with these policies could be achieved with the help of anti-harassment training. 

Anti-harassment training is becoming standard or best practice in many countries, and forward-thinking organizations come to recognize that compliance training programs are one of the most powerful ways to prevent workplace harassment. Such training empowers your workforce with the necessary skills to understand, identify and follow the procedure for intervention and/or reporting. Research shows that bystander intervention can be an effective way of stopping sexual assault before it happens, as bystanders play a key role in preventing, discouraging, and/or intervening when an act of violence has the potential to occur. 

Internationally, KnowBe4 offers global awareness-raising training that tackles issues of workplace, sexual and online harassment as well as pertinent areas of hostile work environments and microaggressions and is especially popular with our multinational customers. Focusing on country-centric anti-harassment training is also a pretty sensible way of moving forward with your anti-harassment effort since laws and regulations can differ globally. To support that approach we do offer anti-harassment compliance training for the following markets: Australia, France, Germany, South Africa and Switzerland.

The Necessity of Frequent Training

Whether it is required by law or not, most organizations have understood that it is important for their corporate culture to engage in frequent training. Promoting a respectful culture and having reminders throughout the year of their reporting process to intervene early on any possible issue are important to any compliance program. By providing employees with regular exposure to relevant, interactive and engaging anti-harassment training content, organizations not only mitigate their litigation and reputational risks but also pave a solid way to a workplace based on dignity and respect for all.

Anti-harassment training in Compliance Plus also provides all of the features for content that our over 60,000 customers enjoy with security awareness training such as including links to policies, the ability to add your own modules to a campaign, and the great reporting and management tools of the KnowBe4 platform. 

Organizations are finding they can reduce the number of vendors, make it easier for people to complete training, and save money by going with this consolidated route and a new school approach. Reach out to your KnowBe4 representative and we are happy to help you build a custom training plan that includes security and all compliance training.

KnowBe4 enables your workforce to make smarter security decisions every day. Over 65,000 organizations worldwide trust the KnowBe4 platform to strengthen their security culture and reduce human risk.

Request A Demo: Compliance Plus

Old-school compliance training is challenging for organizations to offer, difficult to do right, and is generally very expensive to deliver. In this live one-on-one demo we will show you how easy it is to deliver your compliance training program using Compliance Plus with KnowBe4's training platform.

CMP-Collage-LCompliance Plus gives you:

  • A whole new library with fresh compliance content updated regularly
  • Coverage of legislative requirements, such as HIPAA and many others
  • New-school high-quality customizable modules
  • Short, interactive modules to keep learners focused, newsletters, docs, and posters are all included
  • Completely automated compliance training campaigns with world-class support and extensive reporting

See for yourself how Compliance Plus can help you keep your users on their toes with compliance, risk and workplace safety top of mind!

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