Your KnowBe4 Compliance Plus Fresh Content Updates from January 2024

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KnowBe4 – Lockout/Tagout: Introduction for All Employees 

This training module is the first in a two-part series on the Control of Hazardous Energy Standard, also known as lockout/tagout (LOTO), created by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to protect workers in the United States of America. Designed for all employees who require lockout/tagout training, this training module describes the purpose of the process, its basic components, and the importance of compliance. 

exploqii – Understand and Prevent Burnout 

This training module covers the basic aspects of occupational burnout. Employees will get an overview of the causes and symptoms and learn practical prevention strategies based on an example situation. Employees will be able to differentiate normal stress at work from a burnout and will learn how to take appropriate countermeasures.

Popcorn Training – Psychological Harassment 

In this training module, your employees will understand and be able to recognize psychological harassment in your organization. Harassment can take on many forms and does not need to be tolerated. 

exploqii – Suva: Insure and Protect 

 As an organization under public law, Suva (Schweizerische Unfallversicherungsanstalt, or Swiss National Accident Insurance Fund) ensures around two million working people against occupational accidents, occupational illnesses and leisure accidents.

This training module provides a brief introduction to the Suva insurer in Switzerland. Employees will learn what Suva is and what forms of support it offers employees in Swiss organizations

MediaPRO – U.K. Anti-Money Laundering 

In this training module, employees will become acquainted with the unlawful activity of money laundering and its wide-ranging consequences. Employees will learn the workings of money laundering, the pertinent laws in the United Kingdom (U.K.), common red flags, and their duty to report any suspicious activity. 


January 2024 Compliance Plus Content Update



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KnowBe4’s Compliance Plus training is interactive, relevant and engaging with real-life simulated scenarios to help teach your users how to respond in a challenging situation. The content addresses difficult topics such as sexual harassment, diversity and inclusion, discrimination and business ethics.

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