Cybersecurity Top Risk Consideration In Board Room

The Wall Street Journal polled its readers and asked them to rate the top compliance issues of 2014. The answers were very interesting! 

They asked what the top compliance-related crisis from 2014 was, and readers chose a clear winner—the Target, Home Depot and Sony hacking incidents grabbed the attention of executives everywhere, bringing home the reality that cybersecurity has become a top risk consideration in the board room. Poll participants picked the breaches 54.3% of the time, more than double the second-place finisher, the scandal surrounding the London Interbank offered rate.


Seeing the support for cyber breaches in the last question, it probably comes as no surprise that cybercrime/data privacy emerged as the issue their readers most expect to grow in importance in 2015. The final tally had 71.9% picking this answer, making it a runaway winner over the next pick, money laundering.


It's worth it reading the whole article, there are some other poll questions about regulations and regulators.

Note, that we have a tool called the KnowBe4 Compliance Manager which helps you to get and stay compliant, so that audits take half the time and half the cost. 

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