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Alexa and Google Home abused to eavesdrop and phish passwords

Can An Employee's Bad Conscience Be A Vulnerability?

KnowBe4 Wins ComputingSecurity Award: Education and Training Provider of the Year

Don’t Fall Victim to Breach Fatigue

An Unusually Vile Bit of Social Engineering

A Former CIA Officer Shows You How to Make Your Organization a Hard Target

Scam Of The Week: Bogus Performance Review as Phishbait

A Lawyer's Look at "Big Game Phishing"

Security Awareness Training is a Key Part of an Effective Cyber Risk Resilience and Prevention Strategy

[VIDEO] KnowBe4 Quarterly Product Update Video Q3-2019

Microsoft Recommends: "Top 6 Email Security Best Practices"... And One Of Them Is Phishing Simulations

[INFOGRAPHIC] Cost of Ransomware Related Downtime Increased More Than 200 Percent, an Amount 23 Times Greater Than the Ransom Request

North Korean Front Company Used to Compromise Mac Users

A New Attack Category is Born: You Now Need to Also Worry About Evasive Spear Phishing

MSPs Should Offer Security Awareness Training as Part of a Complete Security Service Offering

What Footballers Wives Can Teach Us About Cybersecurity

China's Criminal Hacking Spree Created A Boeing Competitor

CyberheistNews Vol 9 #42 [Heads Up] Virtual Hard Disk Images Containing Malware Are Ignored by Antivirus *and* Windows!

I Can Phish Anyone

CRN: "Kevin Mandia -- Detect Spear Phishing, Lock Down CEO Email To Stay Safe"

Simjacking is Still a Problem, British Food Writer Lost £5,000

It’s Baaaaaaaack! Emotet Trojan Rears Its Ugly Head Once Again After a 3-Month Vacation

Cyber Risk Remains a Top Concern for Organizations While Lacking Confidence in Addressing Cyber Threats

Extremely Embarrassing 250,000-record Data Breach At

Why Hack When You Can Con?

Organizations Experiencing Attacks Rises by 35% as Most Consider Themselves Cyber-Novices

U.S. Organizations Involved with Nuclear Deterrence are the Target of North Korean Phishing Attacks

[PODCAST] Understanding Social Engineering and Maintaining Healthy Paranoia

Virtual Hard Disk Images Containing Malware Are Ignored by Windows and Antivirus Engines

Universities Worldwide are the Target of Phishing Attacks by a Hacking Group Aimed at Stealing Research and Intellectual Property

Many in Utilities Sector Expect Attacks on Critical Infrastructure: Survey

"Staggering" Increase in Business Email Compromise--aka CEO Fraud

Fake News and Deepfakes: Harmless Fun or the Future of Fraud?

Ransomware Still Plagues Organizations Despite Feeling Prepared for an Attack

Cybercriminals Leverage the U.K.’s Strong Customer Authentication Requirement in a New String of Phishing Attacks

Brand-New: Multi-Factor Authentication Security Assessment Tool Helps Assess Your Organization's MFA Vulnerabilities

Chinese State-Sponsored Phishing

Is Cyberinsurance a Reason for the Rise in Ransomware Attacks?

Now *here* is something new! What The Heck Is War Shipping?

The Massive Data Breach Of Australia's Largest University Began With A Spear Phishing Attack

Casbaneiro is the Hook in Alt-Coin Phishing

Fall LinkedIn Job Postings Are a Prime Vehicle for Job Scams, Cyber Attacks

CyberheistNews Vol 9 #41 [Heads up] FBI Warns About Attacks That Bypass Your Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

[Heads up] FBI Warns About Attacks That Bypass Your Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)

Ransomware is Having Its Best Year Ever

The Cost of a Data Breach is Expected to Rise by Two-Thirds Over the Next Five Years

77% Of UK Workers Admit That They Have Never Received Any Form Of Cyber Security Training

So What Happens When Kevin Mitnick Meets Joe Perry?

Disruption of Production Due To Malware at Rheinmetall Automotive Costs $4 Million Per Week

Phishing Awareness: Considerations for Schools

Amazon, Paypal, and Gmail Users are the Latest Target in a Sophisticated Multistage Phishing Attack

More Than 2.2 Billion Stolen Account Credentials Have Been Made Available on the Dark Web

Crime Sometimes Pays: $1.1M Recovered from U.K. Phishing Scammer 2 Years After Being Caught

New Instagram Phishing Scam Uses Familiar (But Fake) 2FA Codes to Trick Victims

FBI Issues ‘High-Impact’ Ransomware Attack Warning—What You Need To Know

Cybersecurity Awareness Is Not Just For October!

[VIDEO] CEO Stu Sjouwerman Interviewed by Dark Reading

KnowBe4 Has A Blow-Out Third Quarter

[HUMOR] Her Majesty Is Not Inviting You to Save the Realm

KnowBe4 Fresh Content and Feature Updates - September 2019

KnowBe4 Honored for Innovation in Security Awareness Training with 2019 CyberSecurity Breakthrough Award

Join Us for a Live Demo on Simulated Phishing and Awareness Training

Ransomware Incident To Cost Danish Company A Whopping $95 Million

Ransomware Forces 3 Hospitals To Turn Away All But The Most Critical Patients

Copyright Infringement Warning as Phishbait

North Koreans Spear Phish U.S. Victims With Social Engineering Hidden In Obscure Kodak FlashPix Format

NetWire Remote Access Trojan Being Spread by Phishing Campaign

CyberheistNews Vol 9 #40 Your New KnowBe4 2019 Security Threats Report and What to Watch out for Next Year

Happy National Cybersecurity Awareness Month 2019!

"Mishperceptions": The Five Most Common Phishing Myths Busted!

Senate Passes Bill Aimed At Combating Ransomware Attacks

KnowBe4 Acquires Twist and Shout Group to Enhance High-Quality Video Production Capabilities

[Heads Up] Five New Ways How Cyber Criminals Commit Insurance Fraud

Scam Of The Week: Yahoo Massive Data Breach Settlement Phishing Attacks

99 Percent Of All Misconfigurations In The Public Cloud Go Unreported

Chinese Hackers Target Airbus Suppliers in Quest for Commercial Secrets

See if Your Domain Has an Evil Twin For a Chance to Win Beats Headphones!

Russian Secret Weapon Against U.S. 2020 Election Revealed In New Cyberwarfare Report

Social Engineering via the US Mail

[Heads Up] What If The World's Largest Cyber Insurers Recommended Just *One* Security Awareness Training Platform As The Most Effective In Reducing Cyber Risk?

KnowBe4 2019 Security Threats and Trends Report – October 2019

Don't Let Your Users Download Malicious Chrome Extensions

Less Than a Third of Small Businesses Deliver Annual Cybersecurity Training

Disgusting Fake Employment Site Targets Veterans And Installs Remote Access Trojan

CyberheistNews Vol 9 #39 [Scam of the Week] Heads-Up: Amazon Phishing Attack in Progress

A Short, Very Useful Guide to Social Engineering

No, Really, They're Just Not That Into You

The Emotet Trojan Botnet is Back in Business

Massive phishing wave of account hijacks hits YouTube creators

PDF Phishing Attacks Using Microsoft OneDrive Surge Nearly 200%

CEO Fraud Attacks Now Use Deepfake Audio and AI to Mimic Executives Over the Phone

In the Hot Seat: Three Experts Tackle 10 Critical Security Awareness Issues

Amazon Phishing Scam in Progress

The U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency Lays Out Strategic Vision and Priorities in the Wake of Texas Ransomware Attacks.

Microsoft Remains the Most Impersonated Brand in Phishing Attacks, with Facebook Phishing Surging

Advice For Women: "Breaking Into the InfoSec Business"

18 Months, 61 Billion Credential-Stuffing Attacks

CyberheistNews Vol 9 #38 [Heads-Up] Holy SIMoly! SIM Card Attack Used to Spy on Mobile Phone Users

Phishing Attacks Up, Especially Against SaaS And Webmail Services

Oklahoma Pension Fund Robbed of $4.2 million via Compromised Email

[Phishing Alert] UK Home Office primes Brexit spam cannon for a million texts reminding folk to check passports

Exclusive: Russia carried out a 'stunning' breach of FBI communications system, escalating the spy game on U.S. soil

Ex White House CIO attacks insurance firms for 'fuelling ransomware industry'

WSJ: "U.S. Targets North Korean Hacking as Rising National-Security Threat"

Employees Are the Reason 70% of Financial Companies Have Suffered Security Incidents in the Last Twelve Months

Video Becomes the Next Big Bait for Social Engineering

Only 5% of U.S. Healthcare Employees Receive Continual Cybersecurity Awareness Training

How Can You Check If Your Email Is Compromised?

Global Phishing Campaign Targets Universities

Germany Gets Hit With Destructive Filewiper Phishing Attack

Cyber security remains the biggest threat to business in Africa

KnowBe4 #4 on eSecurity Planet Top 15 Cybersecurity Companies

Holy SIMoly! Simjacker: SIM Card Attack Used to Spy on Mobile Phone Users

Phishing Nightmare? New "Deadline" Email From Equifax Settlement Administrator Notifies of Changes in Filing.

[Brand New Webinar] Crafty Ways the Bad Guys Use Pretexting to Own Your Network

Ethical Hackers as Educators

FBI Cyber Warning: Attacks On Key Employees Up 100%, As 281 Are Arrested

The Legal Profession's Catfishing Problem

The FBI Updates Their Numbers And BEC Is Now A 26 Billion Dollar Scam

CyberheistNews Vol 9 #37 [Heads-Up] Are Your Servers Right Now Infected With Stealthy Lilu Ransomware? Thousands Are...

Cybersecurity: 99% of email attacks rely on victims clicking links

Nemty Ransomware Infests Bogus PayPal Site

Visa Scam in the UK Targets Chinese Students

Cybercriminals Unleash Ransomware Attack Designed to Compromise the Security of 120 French Hospitals

Targeted Business Email Compromise Now Includes Validating Your Email

Two-Thirds of Security Budgets Expected to Increase as Risk of Cyberattack Shifts to the Cloud

Social Media and Their Exploitation in Social Engineering

U.K. Charity Workers Most At Risk From Phishing

KnowBe4 Fresh Content and Feature Update - August 2019

Thousands Of Servers Infected With New Lilocked (Lilu) Ransomware

Advanced Android SMS Phishing

Why Do People Keep Falling For Facebook Hoaxes?

Connecting Security Awareness Training Data to your Security Operations

Email Account Takeover and Lateral Phishing Attacks Increase Risk to Enterprises

New Ursnif Malware Attacks Use Phishing, Social Engineering and Microsoft Word

Phishing for Cloud Providers A New Supply Chain Threat

Watch Out For Hurricane Dorian Phishing Scams. We have Templates Ready For You.

Multistage Phishing Attacks Target Financial Information

CyberheistNews Vol 9 #36 [Heads Up] AI Used for Social Engineering by Mimicking CEO’s Voice in Unusual Cybercrime Case

CEO Fraud Overtakes Ransomware And Data Breaches In EMEA Cyber-insurance Claims

Double the Phish, Double the Phun

Alert Your Users About Calendar Scams And What To Do About Them

Phishing Scheme Gains Entry To Oregon Judicial Department Emails

AI Used For Social Engineering. Fraudsters Mimic CEO’s Voice in Unusual Cybercrime Case | WSJ

New Course Available - California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)

New ransomware grows 118% as cybercriminals adopt fresh tactics and code innovations

Ransomware Criminals Hack Dental Software Company And Take Hundreds Of Customers' Systems Hostage

Why Are Insurance Companies Insisting To Pay Ransom For Ransomware Attacks?

Financial Phishing Campaigns on the Rise

Business Detections of Ransomware Attacks Have Grown by 365%

MegaCortex Ransomware goes Fully Automated, Putting Enterprises at Risk of Ransoms in the Millions

Microsoft, PayPal, and Facebook are the Top Three Impersonated Brands

Bogus Suicide Prevention as a Scam

CyberheistNews Vol 9 #35 A State-of-the-Art Spoof (or, "Why Turning Your Users Into Grammar Nazis Won't Keep the Bad Guys Out.")

SANS: Security Awareness Training is On the Rise

Even ‘Unsubscribe’ Emails Can Put the Organization at Risk

U.S. Utilities Face Phishing Attacks Intent on Gaining Remote Access

Georgia Gov. Kemp Orders Cybersecurity Training For State Employees After Crippling Attacks

A State-of-the-Art Spoof  (or, Why Turning Your Users Into Grammar Nazis Won't Keep the Bad Guys Out)

Please Vote For KnowBe4: Computing Security Awards

Lateral Phishing Affects One in Seven Organizations

Social Engineering Used To Establish Shady Bulletproof Hosting

Ransomware Hits Fortnite Players

Employee Error Behind Half of Industrial Network Incidents

Is The Ransomware Debate Over? To Pay Or Not To Pay, The Conference Of Mayors Made Up Their Mind

Gift Cards Are Now the #1 Business Email Compromise Cash-Out Mechanism for Fraudsters

U.S. Government Stresses the Need for Cybersecurity Awareness and Education in Light of Ransomware Attacks on Government Entities

Game Phishing Scams Steal Steam Accounts

KnowBe4 Applauds Proposed Legislation for Cybersecurity Training Requirement for U.S. House Members

[LIVE WEBINAR] How to Prevent 81% of Phishing Attacks With DMARC

CyberheistNews Vol 9 #34 [Heads Up] The Unusual Activity Would Be the Microsoft Warning Itself

Blank Emails Come Before BEC Fraud Attack

The Wall Street Journal Just Published An Interview with Kevin Mitnick, KnowBe4's Chief Hacking Officer

Are Local Government and Municipalities Part of a Coordinated Attack on the U.S.?

Social Engineering Testing is Necessary to Fend off Phishing Attacks

The Unusual Activity Would be the Warning Itself

Even when your users don't click...

Report: Data Breach in Biometric Security Platform Affecting Millions of Users

BYOD Really Means Bring Your Own Risk

Still Dodging that Sextortion Bullet

Security warning for software developers: You are now prime targets for phishing attacks

CyberheistNews Vol 9 #33 Bad Guys Exploit CapitalOne Breach to Push Backdoor Trojan

Scam Of The Week: See Jeffrey Epstein Last Words On Video

3 Important Facts to Take Away From the New Data Security Law

Three Lessons from a Recent MegaCortex Ransomware Phishing Attack

Varieties of Extortion Experience

Here Are Some Interesting Headlines I Found During Black Hat

Business Email Compromise Doubles in Incidents and Triples in Cost

Email Attacks are Having A Major Impact on Business with Employees Seen as a Major Weak Link

CEO Fraud hits B.C. lawyers for $2 million

KnowBe4 Fresh Content & Features Updates - July 2019

Confirm Your Unsubscribe Request? Not So Fast

Bad Guys Exploit CapitalOne Breach to Push Backdoor Trojan

Pleading Guilty to Business Email Compromise

CyberheistNews Vol 9 #32 Scam of the Week: Equifax Settlement Phishing

[NEW PhishER Feature] Identify Email Threats Even Faster with PhishML™

New UK Study: "3 out of 4 phishing scams get to your inbox untouched"

Why School Districts are Targets of Social Engineering

Why Is Windows Defender The World's No. 1 Antivirus With More Than Half A Billion EndPoints?

GermanWiper Ransomware Hits Germany Hard, Destroys Files But Asks For A Ransom

Engineering Licensing as Phishbait

Churches and Other Not-for-Profits as Targets of Scams

Freight Forwarding Email Scams are Business Killers

Scam Of The Week: Equifax Settlement Phishing

Buyers of Facebook’s Libra Cryptocurrency are the Latest Target in Phishing Scams

Russian Phishing: Swiss-based Email Provider ProtonMail Hit By Cyber Attack

CEO Fraud Phishing Scams Versus The U.K. Solicitors

5 Things You Need to Know About Facebook’s $5 Billion Fine

CyberheistNews Vol 9 #31 Louisiana Declares Cybersecurity State of Emergency

You Don't Want *THAT* In Your Wallet

15-year old MyDoom Remains a Common Phish Hook

New Ransomware Strain Spreads Via SMS

Office 365 Administrators are the Target of the Latest String of Phishing Attacks

Iranian Hacker Group APT34 Use New ‘Tonedeaf’ Malware over LinkedIn in Latest Phishing Campaign

[Heads-up] Nationwide Bomb Threat Extortion Phishing Attack Campaign With A Twist

Two Puerto Rico Hospitals Hit With Ransomware That Encrypts 520,000 Patient Records

Reuters: "BlackRock in talks to take over Cofense after U.S. security concerns - sources"

Schools In Both The US And UK Victim Of Recent Phishing Attacks

NSA Launches Cybersecurity Arm To Defend The U.S. From Foreign Adversaries

Here Is Some Great InfoSec Budget Ammo From UBS

Louisiana Declares Cybersecurity State of Emergency

OSINT – a Hacker’s First Asset in Targeted Attacks

New Study Finds Employees Pose the Greatest Cybersecurity Risk

Netflix's New "The Great Hack" Reminds Us -- If you Don't Pay For the Product You *Are* The Product

Romanian Cybercriminals Sentenced for Phishing Campaign

BEC = “Because it’s Easy Cash” Scammers Trick Employees Into Giving Away Customer Info

This Year, Phishing Causes Losses of $17,700 per minute And Ransomware Attacks Will Cost $22,184 Per Minute

A Phishing Campaign Evades Email Gateways via WeTransfer

80% of Organizations Don’t Use DMARC Making Them Susceptible to Email Spoofing

Ransomware Attacks Costs Nearly Triple in 2019 to over $36K Per Attack

HoneyTrap, The Oldest In The World Now As Iranian Catphish on LinkedIn

Q2 2019 Top-Clicked Phishing Email Subjects from KnowBe4 [INFOGRAPHIC]

KnowBe4 Achieves Highest and Furthest Overall Position for Its Ability to Execute and Completeness of Vision in the 2019 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Security Awareness CBT

CyberheistNews Vol 9 #30 [NEW] Here Is a Fantastic Report You Need to Read Before You Buy

New Cyber Attack Trends Report Reveals That Digital Criminals Made Off With $45 Billion in 2018

Fake Accounts Go to College

Is Equifax Paying Up To 700 Million... Or Is It 1.4 Billion?

Hackers Exfiltrate 7.5TB From Russian FSB Contractor

Windows Defender Gets a New Name: Microsoft Defender

[Scam of The Week] New 'US State Police' Phishing Extortion Scam Includes Contact Numbers

KnowBe4 Adds Language Localization to Learner's Experience For All Customers

U.S. Coast Guard Warns of Phishing Attacks Designed for Data Theft and Malware Infection

U.K. Sees an Increase in Sophisticated Phishing Attacks Targeting Educational Institutions

Deep Fakes Getting Better Every Day With AI / Machine Learning

NSO spyware ‘targets Big Tech cloud services’

Lateral Phishing Used To Attack Organizations On Global Scale

Whoa Nellie. BEC Scams Average USD 300 Million Per Month In Illegal Transfers

CBInsights Welcomes KnowBe4 To The Cybersecurity Unicorn Club

Microsoft Notifies 10,000 Customers About Nation-state Cyber Attacks

SANS Security Awareness Report Highlights the Rising Era of Awareness Training

[INFOGRAPHIC] Employees receive nearly five phishing emails per work week, according to Avanan

Mimecast Identifies Brand New Phishing Tactic Called "SHTML"

Chinese Hackers Use Island Hopping to Steal Industrial and Commercial Secrets in 5-year Attack on the World’s Largest Technology Service Providers

Microsoft Discovers New Excel-Based Attack to Deliver the FlawedArmmyRAT Malware

Attacker’s Use of OneDrive as a Malicious File Host Jumps Over 3200% in Q1

Evite Invites Over 100 Million People to Their Data Breach

[VIDEO] KnowBe4 Quarterly Platform Update Q2-2019

CyberheistNews Vol 9 #29 Scam of the Week: Microsoft OneNote Audio Note Phishing Emails

[LIVE WEBINAR] Hacking Your Organization: 7 Steps Bad Guys Use to Take Total Control of Your Network

UK Mid-Sized Firms Lost £30bn to CyberAttacks in 2018

Is ‘REvil’ the New GandCrab Ransomware?

NEW SANS Whitepaper: Automating Response to Phish Reporting

An Amazon Phishing Scam Hits Just In Time For Prime Day

TrickBot Malware May Recently Have Hacked 250 Million Email Accounts

[Heads-up] New eCh0raix Ransomware Strain Targets NAS Devices

Pay or Not Pay the Ransom? What’s Your Opinion?

Effects of Ransomware Don’t End With the Ransom

U.S. Coast Guard Warns Shipping Industry on Cybersecurity. Are You Next?

Brand-New Ransomware Simulator Tool Now with Two New Ransomware Scenarios

Homeland Security Warning About Phishing As A Threat to 2020 Elections

Automated Tailored EBAY Spam Campaign Leads to Risky Sites

Cybersecurity Remains a Top Priority During M&A Diligence

The Stock Market Doesn’t React Well to Data Breaches

CyberheistNews Vol 9 #28 [Heads-up] Cyber Criminals Refine Their Social Engineering Tactics

British Airways Hit With Record $229 Million GDPR Fine Following 2018 Data Breach

Scam Of The Week: Microsoft OneNote Audio Note Phishing Emails

Phishing And Impersonation Attacks Balloon in South Africa

KnowBe4’s Year-Over-Year Sales Skyrocket 50% Over Q2 2019 for Another Record-Breaking Quarter

Discovered This Year: 5,334 Kits Offering Evasive Criminal Phishing-as-a-Service

[Heads-up] IT Pros In The Trenches Of Iran And China's New Cyber War Against The U.S.

“Lack of Security Awareness” a Major Reason Why Financial Firms Are 300 Time More Likely to Fall Prey to Cyberattacks

80% of all Brand Deception Phishing Scams Targeting Execs Pretend to be Microsoft

One more reason to keep your money stuffed under your mattress?

"YouTube mystery ban on hacking videos has content creators puzzled"

KnowBe4 Translations Update

Over Half of Employees Don’t Adhere to Email Security Protocols

Updates to the KnowBe4 Privacy Policy

Globally, One-Third of Organizations Experience Ransomware Attacks Weekly

ATM Card Number Scammer Sentenced to 32 Months in Prison

CEOs Overwhelmingly Prioritize Cybersecurity Over Physical Security

Cyber Crime Refines Their Social Engineering Tactics

Enter Facebook's Libra, with Scammers in its Train

Dridex Credential Stealer Returns With New Antivirus Evasion - Including Application Whitelisting

CyberheistNews Vol 9 #28 1.5 Billion Gmail Calendar Users Are the Target of a Crafty New Phishing Scam

Brand-New Tool: Social Media Phishing Test Checks for Users Vulnerable to Social Media Related Attacks

Instagram Vanity Makes for Vulnerability

New Malware Pretends to Be You by Matching Your Keystroke Characteristics

Microsoft Kills Password Expiration Policy Recommendation with Latest Security Baseline for Windows 10

KnowBe4 Fresh Content and Feature Updates - June 2019

Which Of The Four Types of Social Engineering Is The Most Damaging?

1.5 Billion Gmail Calendar Users are the Target of a Crafty New Phishing Scam

New KnowBe4 Benchmarking Report Unveils That Untrained Users Pose The Greatest Risk To Your Organization

No, Mr. McAfee is Not Giving Away Money

Chinese Hackers Infiltrate Global Telecom Networks With Spear Phishing

"Elaborate" Identity Takeover Fraud Hits Australian Businesses

[NEW FEATURE] KnowBe4 User Event API Helps You Tailor Security Awareness Training Based on Custom User Risk Events

CyberheistNews Vol 9 #26 [Heads-up] The U.S. Launched A Cyber Attack On Iran, And We're Expecting Spear Phishing Strike Backs

Is Compliance Security’s Worst Enemy?

Phishing Attacks Go Mobile as Cybercriminals Leverage Push Notifications

[Heads-up] The U.S. Launched A Cyber Attack On Iran, And We're Expecting Spear Phishing Strike Backs

UK Forensic Crime Labs Shut Down Due To Ransomware Attack

FBI Alert: Last Week Conflict With Iran Can Cause Spear Phishing Retaliation

Phishing Campaign Impersonates Email Alerts From DHS

Why Do Organizations Still Under-report Cybercrime?

New Survey Uncovers Primary Challenges in Creating A Security Culture

The Fake French Minister In A Silicone Mask Who Stole Millions

Maryland governor signs order to boost cybersecurity after Baltimore ransomware attack

Bogus Emails: 3.4 Billion Are Sent Every Day...

How Hackers Emptied Church Coffers with a Phishing Attack and Social Engineering Phone Call

Massive Cyberheist Bankrupts Medical Debt Collector

Hit by Ransomware Attack, Florida City Agrees to Pay Hackers $600,000

[NEW FEATURES] Branded Certificates and End User Surveys

Subdomain Scam Hits Australian Government Seeking Money to “Register” Bogus Domain Names

U.S. May Face Cyberwar with Russia After Purported U.S. Attacks on Russian Power Grid

CyberheistNews Vol 9 #25 [Heads-Up] The FBI Warns Against Phishing and Advises How to Spot Attacks

“File Deletion” Alert Becomes the Latest Scam to Compromise Office 365 Credentials

Two-Thirds of Organizations See an Increase in Impersonation Attacks

Ransomware Halts Production For Days At Major Airplane Parts Manufacturer

[Heads-up] Alarming Tool Creates Deep Fakes That Can Now Be Edited With A Text Editor

Voicemail Phishing Scam Steals Credentials

FBI’s Advice on Spotting Phishing

No, Government Contractors Can't Falsify Claims of Compliance with Cybersecurity Standards

Social Engineering is at the Root of Nearly all Fraud Attacks

Case Law Continues to Define the Extent to Which Cyber Insurance Must Cover Losses

Europol Reminder on Ticket Fraud

Tax Phishing in the UK

Meet The New InfoSec Unicorn: KnowBe4. Thank You For Your Trust!

CyberheistNews Vol. 9 #24 [Heads-Up] Nigerian Bad Guys Go Over Dead Bodies to Carry out Cyber Crimes

Extortion Threatens Reputational Damage

The CIA will not Fix Your Online Rap Sheet

Corporate Email Creates Unavoidable Phishing Risk

[Heads-Up] How Hackers Use Ransomware To Hide Data Breaches And Other Devastating Attacks

Why Polymorphic Phishing Attacks Are Skyrocketing And How They Make It In Your User's Inbox

KnowBe4 Fresh Content and Feature Updates - May 2019

'BlueKeep' Microsoft Windows Flaw Warning from NSA, Video for How To Patch

[On-Demand Webinar] Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Hacking Data Sources That Bad Guys Use

Ransomware in 2019 is Looking to be as Bad as 2018 for State and Local Governments… if not Worse

Microsoft is Still the Most Impersonated Brand in Phishing Attacks

Biometrics Can’t Replace Passwords: A Cybercriminal's Dream

New articles and templates from the Tech Content Team

CyberheistNews Vol 9 #23 [Heads-Up] Red Flags Warn of Social Engineering

It only takes three seconds...

[Policy Template] Should Failing Phishing Tests Be A Fireable Offense?

"Delete" Notification as Office 365 Phishbait

A Case of Password Spraying

Impersonation Phishing Attacks Up 67% in Last 12 Months

KnowBe4 Is UK's Security Training And Consultancy Provider Of The Year

Why KnowBe4 Is The Only True Global Security Awareness Training Vendor

Red Flags Warn of Social Engineering

Phishing Canadian Targets

CyberheistNews Vol 9 #23 [Heads-Up] Scary Phishing Attack Uses Legal Threats From Law Firm

A Single Tweet Saw One Woman's Bank Account Entirely Wiped Out

Phishing Sites Increase by 30% in the First Quarter of 2019 Putting SaaS and Webmail at Risk

Beazley Insurance Breach Insights: "Ransomware Attacks Skyrocket"

“Monster” Data Breaches Result in an Average Cost of $347 Million

Over 10 Million People Hit In Single Australian Data Breach

UK Says It Warned 16 Nato Allies Of Russian Hacking Activities

72 Percent Of Cyber Security Professionals Have Considered Quitting Over Lack Of Resources

[Heads-up] Scary Phishing Attack Uses Legal Threats From Law Firm

Employees Don’t Take USB Security Seriously, Putting Organizations at Risk

U.S. Department of Homeland Security Issues List of Office 365 Security Vulnerabilities and Best Practices

Tell us about your biggest security threats for a chance to win a $100 Amazon Gift Card!

Q1 2019 Top-Clicked Phishing Email Subjects from KnowBe4 [INFOGRAPHIC]

Financial Firms Spend $2,300 Per Employee Attempting to Address Cyber Security Concerns

CyberheistNews Vol 9 #21 What's Wrong With the New Bill That Proposes Cyber Security Training for U.S. House Members?

Volunteer Cyber Crime Fighters Band Together in New York

KnowBe4 Acquires CLTRe; Shines Spotlight on Security Culture Measurement

[On-Demand Webinar] Empowering Your Human Firewall: The Art & Science of Secure Behavior

“Hack for Hire” Groups Offer Single Account Break-In Services For Just $750

Global GozNym Takedown Shows The Anatomy Of A Modern Cybercrime Supply Chain

[PODCAST] Hacking Humans Live At KB4CON 2019

Account Takeover Attacks Increase as Cybercriminals Fine-Tune Their Brand Impersonation, Social Engineering, and Phishing Skills

6 Signs You’ve Successfully Created a Security Culture

What's Wrong With The New Bill That Proposes Cyber Security Training for U.S. House Members?

CyberheistNews Vol 9 #20 [Heads-Up] If This Is True It's A Disaster. Three Major US Antivirus Companies Breached?

InfraGard Recommends User Education

Phishing Attacks Top Verizon’s List of Threat Actions Used in Data Breaches

[Heads-Up] If This Is True It's A Disaster. Three Major US Antivirus Companies Breached? ***UPDATED

[Spoiler!] That Free Avengers: Endgame Download You Found Online? It’s a Scam!

Half of SMBs Will Pay the Ransom in a Ransomware Attack

Phishing Continues to Rise as Attacks Go Malwareless

Half of all 2020 Presidential Candidates are Susceptible to Impersonation Attacks

Russian cyberspies are using one hell of a clever Microsoft Exchange backdoor

Deepfake Videos – An Increasing Cyber Threat For Corporate Clients

KnowBe4 Fresh Content & Features Updates - April 2019

CyberheistNews Vol 9 #19 [Heads-Up] Scary New MegaCortex Ransomware Strain Discovered That Targets Your Business Network

Great Budget Ammo: 60 minutes Warns Against Ransomware

Nearly Half of US Orgs Not Ready for California Consumer Privacy Act Deadline

IT and Executives are (Mostly) in Alignment and Both Fear the Phish

U.K. Court Finds Employee Actions Constitute “Vicarious Liability”, despite meeting GDPR Requirements

[Heads-up] Scary New MegaCortex Ransomware Strain Discovered That Targets Your Business Network

Exploiting Google on the Cheap

61% Of IT Pros Have Experienced A Serious Data Breach And Many Are Blamed For It.

New Phishing Campaign From 'FBI Director Wray' is Hysterical

Social Media Phishing Attacks Up More Than 70 Percent

How Your Users Can Fall Victim To Credential Stuffing Attacks

[InfoGraphic] AUGH! Your Users Are Clicking On 50% Of The LinkedIn Phishing Tests

President Signs Executive Order to Boost Federal Cyber Workforce

4 Ways CISOs Can Improve Their Organization’s Security Position

Ransomware Attacks Jump 500% as Businesses Continue to Be the Prime Target

Tech Support Scam Freezes Browsers

Brunswick Church Falls For Phishing Scam Of Almost $2 Million

CyberheistNews Vol 9 #18 Scott County Schools Victim of 3.7 Million Dollar CEO Fraud Phishing Scam

PSA: How To Recognize Disinformation

Why Marketing Departments Are Cyber Security Targets

BEC Scams are a Growing Threat to Retailers

Vendors are Responsible for Almost Half of All Data Breaches

Business Email Compromise Doubled in 2018, Topping the FBI’s List of Internet Crimes

U.K. Study Finds only 15% of People Sufficiently Know How to Protect Themselves Online

Cryptojacking Phishing Attacks Target Enterprises With NSA-Linked Exploits

PDFs Return as Phishbait

Scott County Schools victim of $3.7 million CEO Fraud Phishing Scam

[BREAKING NEWS] US Supreme Court Curbs Class Action Lawsuits Caused By W-2 Phishing Fraud

[Heads up] Sneaky Phishing Attacks Exploit Legitimate Services & Platforms to Fly Below Your AV's Radar

Phishing Emails Will Always Get Through

Executives are Out and Employees are In as Cybercriminals Change Their Primary Targets for Cyberattack

Phishing Attacks See Massive Increases and Improvements in Execution with Social Engineering at the Helm

Manufacturing giant Aebi Schmidt hit by ransomware

PayPal receives patent for ransomware detection technology

Evil TeamViewer Attacks Under the Guise of the U.S. State Department

CyberheistNews Vol 9 #17 [Heads-Up] Slippery Phishing Attack Spoofs Email Security Firm

Is Managing Your Vendor Risk Taking Up Too Much of Your Time?

Why Ransomware Continues to Be an Immensely Profitable Business for Bad Actors

Spearphishing Boils Down to Basic Social Engineering

Social Engineers Earn a First

Florida Spearphishing: Meddle Globally, Phish Locally

The Cost of Paying in a Ransomware Attack Nearly Doubles While Downtime Also Increases

U.K. Government: "80% Of Organizations Experience Phishing Attacks"

Ohio Becomes the Third U.S. State to Adopt the NAIC’s Insurance Data Security Model Law

Phishing Continues to be the Source of Health Data Breaches Totaling Over 1M Breached Records

[InfoGraphic] 56 Must Know Data Breach Statistics for 2019

New Articles And Templates From The KnowBe4 Tech Content Team

Here are few Game of Thrones phishing scams you should know about and how to avoid them

A Mystery Agent Is Doxing Iran's Hackers And Dumping Their Code

[Heads-up] A GA County School System Only Just Escaped A 2 Million Dollar Cyber Attack

Scammers Impersonate Big UK Law

Over 80% of All Phishing Attacks Targeted U.S. Organizations

County Line Ransomware Fever

Smishing Down Under

Ransomware Attack Hits Stratford City Hall

I need your input and I've got a ONE-Question Super Short Survey!

Phishing Attack Spoofs Email Security Firm

How And Why KnowBe4 Got An 800+ Million Valuation

[SCAM OF THE WEEK]: Notre Dame Disaster Causes FireStorm Of Social Engineering And Misinformation

Island Hopping Grows in Popularity as Attackers use One Victim to Create the Next

Insurers Discuss What to Expect from a Ransomware Attack, and How to Defend Yourself Against One

Staff and Students Put School Districts at the Greatest Risk of Cyber Attack

Spycatching: Social Engineering and the FBI's Insider Threat Experience

CyberheistNews Vol 9 #16 The City of Tallahassee Lost Half a Million Dollars in an Insidious Payroll Attack

Extortionists Threaten Victims with WannaCry Ransomware

[PODCAST] The ghost and the mole; Eric O'Neill's Gray Day.

Reuters: "Cybersecurity Firm Cofense Says Pamplona To Sell Stake After U.S. Probe"

What's The Best Name? ThreadJacking or Man-in-the-Inbox Attacks?

Get Ready for the First Wave of AI Malware

Ottawa City Treasurer sends $128,000 to fraudsters in email phishing scam

[Heads-up] Survey Finds 82% Of You Are Impacted By Payment Fraud

A Powerful Malware That Tried To Blow Up A Saudi Plant Strikes Again

Organizations Face a 63% Likelihood of Being the Victim of Successful Cyberattack in Next 12 Months

Tallahassee Loses Half a Million From Cyberattack

CyberheistNews Vol 9 #15 [Heads-Up] New Phishing Attacks Make 2FA Useless

Cybercrime market selling full digital fingerprints of over 60,000 users

Pro Tip: Social Security Numbers Can’t be “Suspended”

The Latest in Phishing Tackle

New Phishing Attacks Make 2FA Useless

Ransomware Attacks Take Down County Government Offices Time and Time Again

The Total Risk Value of Cybercrime Has Risen to $5.2 Trillion Over the Next Five Years

90 Percent Of Critical Infrastructure Hit By Cyberattacks

Scam of The Week: Realistic Phishing Attacks Take Advantage of U.S. Tax Season

KnowBe4 Was Chosen For The Fourth Year As Top Workplace In Tampa Bay

Researchers Unearth 74 Facebook Cybercrime Groups With 385,000 Members

New 2019 Report: "AI Is Here To Stay: Are You Prepared?"

NCAA-themed Scams During Basketball Playoffs

Game of Thrones as Phishbait, with Hook

KnowBe4 Fresh Content & Features Updates - March 2019

KnowBe4’s Q1 2019 Year-Over-Year Sales Grow 70%

Inside A Massive Spam Operation, And Shutting It Down

Business Email Compromise (BEC) Attacks Go Mobile Using SMS to Increase Attack Success

New York Launches a Cybercrime Brigade

Scaring People with GDPR

CyberheistNews Vol 9 #14 AV-Test compares 19 Antivirus Tools: Windows Defender Reaches Maximum Detection Score

Brand-New Tool: Phishing Reply Test Identifies Users Likely to Fall Victim to Fraudsters

vxCrypter Is the First Ransomware to Delete Duplicate Files

The Famous Fall Victim To Phishing, Too

AV-Test compares 19 Antivirus Tools: Windows Defender Reaches Maximum Detection Score

Cyber Security is About Culture and People, not Technology

ISACA Recommends Phishing Simulations and Measurement as Appropriate Defense to Reduce Risk of Successful Phishing Attacks

Mobile Devices Rise as a Top Attack Vector for Cybercriminals; Malware and Phishing Remain Primary Concerns

90% of large tech companies vulnerable to email spoofing

Which Employees are the Cyber Criminals After?

Microsoft Takes Control Of 99 Phishing Domains Operated By Iranian State Hackers

NotPetya act of war exclusion spreads to second insurer

Cybercriminals Double-Down on What Works, Nearly Doubling the Number of Phishing Attacks in 2018

[New Comedy Series] KnowBe4's Popcorn Training Releases 8-Episode Security Awareness Videos - 'Standups 4 Security'

Insurers Creating a Consumer Ratings Service for Cybersecurity Industry

Find out which of your users' emails are exposed before the bad guys do

Phishing Attack Compromises Spanish Defense Intranet By Foreign State

Norsk Hydro May Have Lost $40M in First Week After Ransomware Infection

Canadian Companies See Increases in Attacks, Breaches, and Sophistication in the Last 12 Months

CyberheistNews Vol 9 #13 [Heads-Up] This Evil New Child Porn Phishing Attack Could Absolutely Ruin Your Life

[NEW FEATURE] Upload Your Own Training Content

How LockerGoga, The Ransomware Crippling Industrial Firms Operates

U.S. Healthcare Employee Engagement with Simulated Phishing Emails Drop by 67% With Repeated Exposure

Kevin Mitnick Demos Password Hack: No Link Click or Attachments Necessary

Mandatory vs. Elective Security Awareness Training

[Heads-up] This Evil New Child Porn Phishing Attack Could Absolutely Ruin Your Life

Ransomware Forces Two Chemical Companies to Order ‘Hundreds of New Computers’

[NEW BOOK!] Transformational Security Awareness: What Neuroscientists, Storytellers, and Marketers Can Teach Us About Driving Secure Behaviors

U.S. Universities are the Target of Chinese Hackers Seeking Undersea Military Secrets

Cyber Attacks on Financial Institutions are the Modern-Day Bank Robbery

UK’s Police Federation Hit By Ransomware

WOW, Phishing Attacks Are Now More Common Than Malware!

Beazley Data Reveals A 133% Increase In Business Email Compromise Incidents From 2017 To 2018

Bots Impersonate Organizations to Spread Disinformation

[Heads-up] Bad Guys Are Moving To Mobile Phishing for Gift Cards Scams

Another Major Hack Of Singapore Government By Russian Cyber Criminals

Phishing campaign targets Instagram users with fake copyright notices

CISOs: Users and Collaborative Security Efforts are the Key to Protecting the Organization from Attack

Blackmail and Sextortion Attacks Use Panic and Threats to Lure Their Victims

Global spending on security hardware, software and services will top $103 billion in 2019, up 9.4 percent from 2018

BEC Scammers Stole $170,000 From Two Defense Contractors and a University

Very Few Professionals are Confident in Their Phishing Defense Assessments

One in Seven Healthcare Employees Will Fall for Phishing Emails

The Phishing Bait is Bitcoin; the Hook is a Clipboard Hijacker

Big Norwegian Aluminum Producer Norsk Hydro Suffers Major Ransomware Attack

CyberheistNews Vol 9 #12 Triton Is the World’s Most Murderous Malware, and It’s Spreading

[World Premiere] KnowBe4's New 12-Episode Security Awareness Video Series - The Inside Man

Online Retail Experienced 28 Billion Credential Stuffing Attacks Occurred in the Second Half of 2018

[SCAM OF THE WEEK] Phishing Attack Warns About Boeing 737 Max Crashes And Infects Workstations

"Hacking Humans" Is The 2019 No. 1 Podcast Covering Social Engineering!

[SCAM OF THE WEEK] New "Final Warning" Sextortion Emails State Adult Sites Infected You

Three Romanian Men Commit Vishing And Smishing Crimes Worth $21 Million

Phishing Attack Use of Encryption Increases 400% for Malware Delivery, Communications, and Data Exfiltration

Software Supply Chains and Phishing Top Microsoft’s List of Greatest Cyberthreats

GCSE coursework lost in ransomware attack on UK Bridport school

Credentials and Personal Data Continue to be the Primary Targets of Social Engineering Scams

Ransoms are Becoming More Expensive While Ransomware Attacks Become More Damaging

[On-demand Webinar] Top 5 IT Security Myths Your CISO Believes are True… BUSTED!

Matrix Ransomware Uses a “Swiss Army Knife” of Tools to Infect, Compromise, and Spread

Passwords and Their Encryption Are Easy Prey for Cyber Criminals in Account Takeover Attacks

[Heads up] Ransomware V2.0 Is Set to Resurge As Your Insurance Now Pays Off The Ransom

Triton is the world’s most murderous malware, and it’s spreading

CyberheistNews Vol 9 #11 RSA Roundup & The Ins and Outs of Impersonation...and Kidnapping

Negative Reviews as Strong-Arm Collection for Bogus Bills

RSA’s Best Social Engineering News

Georgia county pays a whopping $400,000 to get rid of a ransomware infection

809 Million Records Exposed By Email Marketing Giant. No Bueno.

Cyber Criminals use Domino Effect Chain Attacks to Leverage One Compromised Bank to Infect the Next

60% of Organizations Have No CSO or CISO, Putting Network Security at Risk

Rietspoof Malware Attack Uses Messaging Apps to Distribute Ransomware

Malware Blindness in the Enterprise

Ins and Outs of Impersonation...and Kidnapping

CyberheistNews Vol 9 #10 [Heads-Up] 40 Percent of Malicious URLs Found on *Good* Domains... YIKES!

KnowBe4 Technical Content Team Produces Tons Of Cool Stuff

It Only Takes Minutes: Russians Go from Foothold to Privileged Access in Record Time

FINRA Warns of New Phishing Attack Targeting Brokerage Firms

KnowBe4 Thrilled To Win Editor's Choice Anti-Phishing InfoSec Award 2019

Fast-Changing Security Landscape May Render This Year's RSA Conference the "Most Human" Edition Ever

[Heads-up] 40 Percent Of Malicious URLs Found On Good Domains. YIKES!

New Evil USB Cable Shows How Attacks Can Leverage Physical Hardware

New Facebook Phishing Scam is So Good It Will Fool Even You

KnowBe4 Fresh Content & Feature Updates - February 2019

KnowBe4 to Receive Significant Investment from KKR

Healthcare Continues to Prepare in the Face of Growing Cyber Attacks

Organizations Need an Anti-Phishing Plan to Stop Cyberattacks

[Scam Of The Week] Robocall scams surge to 85 billion globally

Discovered: A Whole New Strain Of Voice Phishing Attacks

Friday Afternoon, Monday Morning, and Law Firm Risk

reCAPTCHA Phishbait Targets Google Users

It’s Cheaper Than You Think to Launch a Cyber Attack

Healthcare Data Breaches Involve Triple the Records in 2018

KnowBe4 Named One of the Best Cybersecurity Blogs in the UK

CyberheistNews Vol 9 #9 Wendy’s to Pay $50M in Data Breach Settlement

Identity Theft by Low-Interest Credit Card Offer

It's The Season for Tax Scams... Again

Bogus Job Offers as Phishbait

Going to RSA in San Francisco Next Week? Get your Free Book Signed by Kevin Mitnick at KnowBe4’s Booth# 4624 North

Kevin Mitnick Demos Outlook Exchange Exploit

Cyber Espionage Warning: The Most Advanced Hacking Groups Are Getting More Ambitious

The NoRelationship Attack Bypasses Office 365 Email Attachment Security

Phishing campaign attempts to spread a new brand of snooping malware

KnowBe4 Named Gold Winner for Cybersecurity Excellence Awards in Fastest Growing Cybersecurity Company Category

We Are In The Wrong Business. Cyber Extortionists Make $360K A Year.

Various Types Of Phishing Attacks Defined

Hackers take over Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn's Twitter account, make bomb threat at Tampa Airport

Helping Employees Not Cause Data Breaches

Wendy’s to pay $50M in data breach settlement

KnowBe4 Releases The 2019 What Keeps You up at Night Report

New: "Targeted Training" Filter in KnowBe4 ModStore

[Last Chance] Get an Insider View Into the Methods and Exploits of the World's Most Famous Hacker, Kevin Mitnick

CyberheistNews Vol 9 #8 Company Sues Employee After She Falls for USD 250K CEO Fraud Scam

Remote Access Credentials Are the Latest Malware Attack Target

It’s Time to Have a Security Plan Around Consumer Data Privacy

Popular Torrents Uploader Caught Sharing ‘GandCrab’ Ransomware Strain

8-Character Windows NTLM Passwords Can Be Cracked In Under 2.5 Hours

Iran indictments show even U.S. intelligence officials are vulnerable to basic phishing schemes

U.S. Cities Remain at Risk of Cyber Attacks

Business Email Compromise, Credential Theft, and Many Other Attack Vectors Surged as High as 5x in Q4 2018

KnowBe4 Named Fastest Growing App in Okta’s Business at Work 2019 Report

Cyberheist On Bank Causes Shutdown Of All Operations

New York State Education Department Proposes New Regulations to Strengthen PII Security

Risk Alert: Most Users Still Don’t Understand Much About Scams, Attacks, and Cyber Risk

Bogus Security Alerts Aren’t From Norton

Surge in Email-enabled Healthcare Fraud

Company Sues Employee After She Falls For USD 250K CEO Fraud Scam

CyberheistNews Vol 9 #7 OUCH! Ransomware Attack Via MSP Locks Customers Out of Systems

You Have A Special Valentine's Day Message!

Another Home Buyer Falls Victim to a Business Email Compromise Scam

Massive Increases in Trojans and Backdoor Attacks More Than Double, Spelling Trouble for Organizations

One-Third of Organizations Aren’t Ready to Combat Cybersecurity Attacks, Despite Increases in Security Spend

New Phishing Attack Uses Google Translate to Spoof Login Page and Fool Victims

Data Breaches Result in Lost Customer Confidence Costing Organizations More than Just Fines

[On-demand Webinar] Get an Insider View Into the Methods and Exploits of the World's Most Famous Hacker, Kevin Mitnick

Phishers Target Anti-Money Laundering Officers at U.S. Credit Unions

Scammers Still Exploit Hijacked GoDaddy Domains

A Majority of Cyberattacks Use Lateral Movement and “Living Off the Land”

A Hacker’s Dream: Half of IT Admins Reuse Passwords Across Multiple Accounts

Social Engineering Comes to Wikipedia

New Report Outlines “Bashe” Ransomware Global Infection Scenario Outcomes, including up to $193 Billion in Damages

Organizations Routinely Phish Their Own Employees to Test Their Systems for Human Vulnerability

Here is the Phish-prone percentage that a customer sent us today

Today I was attacked through an existing vendor using a real email thread

CyberheistNews Vol 9 #5 [Brilliant New Social Engineering Phish] "Please DocuSign: Funding for Your Business"

Sextortion Phishing Scam Exploits Recent Breach Fears

Voicemail Phishing Email Scams are Targeting User Passwords

Ransomware Attacks Cost Organizations an Average of $55K in Q4 2018

This password-stealing phishing attack comes disguised as a fake meeting request from the boss

KnowBe4 Fresh Content & Feature Updates - January 2019

[New Phishing Template] See The Big Game SnoozeFest Highlights In 5 Minutes

WorldWide Threat Assessments of the US Intelligence Community: CYBER

[Brilliant New Social Engineering Phish] "Please Docusign: Funding For Your Business"

"Hacking Humans" Is The No. 1 Podcast Covering Social Engineering!

KnowBe4 ModStore Release Announcement: 8 new courses from Syntrio

CyberheistNews Vol 9 #5 [INFOGRAPHIC] Q4 2018 Top-Clicked Phishing Email Subjects From KnowBe4

Scam Of The Week: CEO Fraud bad guys are now bribing your users

DNS Hijacking Almost Always Starts With A Successful Spear Phishing Attack

Social Engineering Testing: Why Getting Hacked Is a Security Advantage

Report: Phishing Attacks in 2018 Resulted in Massive Jumps in Credential Compromise and Loss of Data

Experts Warn to Expect More Targeted and Effective Ransomware and Phishing Attacks in 2019

Online Job Offer Turns Would-Be Applicant into Unwitting Conspirator in Malware Attack

Grand Jury Duty Vishing Fraud: A New Twist on an Old Scam

NEW! KnowBe4 Offers No-Cost Children’s Interactive Cybersecurity Activity Kit

[Heads-up!] New 'Anatova' Ransomware Disguised As A Game. Warn Your Users

[Krebs on Security] How the U.S. Govt. Shutdown Harms Security

Criminals Make Off With USD $150,000 in Business Email Compromise Real Estate Scam

Social Oversharing, Online Quizzes, and Prizes are the Makings of a New Form of Phishing

Chinese Hackers Take Phishing and CEO Fraud to Another Level Raking in $18.6 Million

[INFOGRAPHIC] Q4 2018 Top-Clicked Phishing Email Subjects from KnowBe4

EY UK: "We've seen a huge proliferation of very successful phishing attacks"

Firm in $1.7-million dispute with insurer because of social engineering fraud

Cybercrime could cost companies trillions over the next five years

CyberheistNews Vol 9 #4 It Only Takes 1 Phish: Wichita State University Employees Get Fooled Into Losing Their Paychecks

The internet's 'father' says it was born with two big flaws

"Ransomware Humor" Two Words You Thought You Would Never See Together

[VIDEO] KnowBe4 Quarterly Platform Update

Proposed N.C. Bill Would Require Ransomware Disclosures

Ransomware Attack Makes Government Offices in Del Rio, Texas Resort to Pen and Paper

BenefitMall Hit by Months-Long Data Breach

The U.S. Government Blaming Cyber Attacks on Russia May Cost One Business $100 Million

[Heads-up] Are Any Of Your Users Exposed In This Brand New Humongous Data Breach?

What Does KnowBe4 Think About Link Re-writing?

Modern Ransomware Goes After Data Backups

The Top 10 Big Risk Picture From Way High Up

Increase in Office 365 Attacks and Data Breaches Should Be Expected as We Approach the 2019 Tax Season

[THIS IS NOT A DRILL] KB4 Training Template Used As Phishing In The Wild

It Only Takes 1 Phish: Wichita State University Employees Get Fooled Into Losing Their Paychecks

Brand-New Tool: Password Exposure Test Identifies Risky Users

CyberheistNews Vol 9 #3 Your Boss NEEDS to Read This WSJ Article About Our Power Grid and How the Russians Hacked it With Phishing

Awareness Training is the Key to a Culture of Security

Scam Of The Week: "When Users Add Their Names to a Wall of Shame"

Your Boss NEEDS To Read This WSJ Article About Our Power Grid And How The Russians Hacked It With Phishing

Email Security Gap Analysis: Survey Finds Phishing Is The No. 1 Attack That Worries IT Pros Most

Finra punishes former Schwab broker for lying about role in $800,000 CEO Fraud scam

New Data Suggests that Negligent Employees May Be the Reason Data Breaches are So Successful

Banking Cyber Heists Celebrate Their 25th Birthday!

Lowlife Scammers exploit Sick Children in Latest Ransomware Attack

The Government may be shut down, but the bad guys are not

Ohio’s New Data Security Law Seeks to Minimize the Risk of Data Breach Impacting Insurers and Their Customers

It Only Takes 1 Phish: “Unremarkable” Phishing Attack Results in a Breach in the European Union’s Diplomatic Communications Network

The Dark Overlord Ransoms 9/11 Files Showing How Law Firms Can be at Risk of Data Breach

[Heads-up] Double Trouble: Ransomware And File Thief Combined In Nasty Hybrid Malware

CyberheistNews Vol 9 #2 "10 Incredible Ways You Can Be Hacked Through Email & How to Stop Them"

International Legal Tech Association: "KnowBe4 Is The Biggest Winner In Awareness Content"

Phishing Kit Uses Custom Font Files to Decode Text

KnowBe4’s Q4 2018 Year-Over-Year Sales Grow More Than 60%!

Air Force Targets Their Own Staff with a “Threat Emulation” to Understand Their Cyber Awareness and Readiness

CyberheistNews Vol 9 #1 Jan 2 [Heads-Up] North Korean Ransomware Attack Disrupts Major U.S. News Media

Judge Calls for County Officials to Resign After Falling Victim to a $500K CEO Fraud Scam

Easy Hacker Targets: Bad Password, IoT Devices, and no 2FA. Let's Make It Harder In 2019!

What Value Do Customers See In The KnowBe4 Platform?

[Heads-up] North Korean Ransomware Attack Disrupts Major U.S. News Media

2018: The Year of the Data Breach Tsunami [INFOGRAPHIC]

Malicious Business Email Campaign Uses Google Cloud Storage to Target Banks and Financial Services Companies

KnowBe4 Fresh Content Update & New Features December 2018

You Must Know What You're Clicking On Even With MFA

Is Anyone in Charge of Information Security? Krebs Finds a Lack of Leadership Mentioned in 100 Largest Companies in the World

CyberheistNews Vol 8 #51 Dec 26th Welcome to the CyberheistNews 2019 Crystal Ball Issue.

New Clickbait Warning: "Captain America Star Hayley Atwell Nude Photos Hacked"

Iranian Hacker Group Beats 2FA with New Phishing Campaign Targeting Google Users

The IRS Warns of a 60% Increase in Phishing Attacks Targeting Tax Professionals

Children’s Full Personal Data and SSNs Are Being Sold on the Dark Web

Real Estate Transactions are Increasingly Vulnerable to CEO Fraud

Gartner's Neil Wynne: "Email Phishing is a Growing Threat"

93% of Phishing Sites Leverage Encryption to Establish Credibility and Improve Attack Success

Is that phone call really from Amazon?

APWG: Phishing Remains a Constant and Effective Means of Attack

How Wellcome Trust Executives Got Whaled By Oldest Trick In The Phishing Playbook

New Deloitte Threat Study Shows The Fantastic ROI of Cyber Crime Operations

CyberheistNews Vol 8 #50 [BREAKING NEWS] You Want to See This Brand-New Phishing Threat Response Product PhishER

[NEW] LIVE DEMO: Identify & Respond to Email Threats Faster with PhishER

UK Companies Cite a Lack of Cybersecurity Support from the Government

Organizations Managing Critical Infrastructure Face a New Global Phishing Attack

Scumbag hackers lift $1m from children's charity

Malicious Memes Trigger Malware Functions

Mimecast: "Your Filters Are Missing 12 Percent Of The Unwanted Emails"

CrowdStrike: Compelling Stories From The Cyber Intrusion Casebook 2018

These Incredibly Realistic Fake Faces Show How AI Can Now Mess With Us

New "Secured" Phishing Site Goes Up Every Two Minutes

Kanye West Tops Dashlane’s List of 2018’s “Worst Password Offenders”

[Heads-up] New Email Extortion Scam Bomb Threat Demands Bitcoin

Ransomware Recovery Expert Scams Victims and Turns Out to be Nothing More than a Bitcoin Middleman

WARNING: Your Head of Finance May Be 1 of 50,000 Execs Targeted in BEC Scams

NotPetya Causes Whopping 100 Million Insurance Coverage Lawsuit

Giveaway Scam Offers Free Volkswagens to Generate Ad Revenue

A Call for More Consumer Privacy Laws Could Spell Penalties in Your Future

Ransomware is a Growing Threat to Every Industry

Hackbusters - Where Can You Discuss All Things Social Engineering?

Scammers are Posing as Huawei’s Captive CFO

Half of Management Teams Don’t Understand Business Process Compromise

Employee Education and Training is a Key Component of a Culture of Security

KnowBe4 Published in The Top 10 Nicest Offices in Tampa!

CyberheistNews Vol 8 #49

Cybercriminals Use 1.7 Million Compromised PCs in Botnet Advertising Fraud Scam

Ransomware Remains the Largest Source of Cyber Claims and Downtime

ModStore Release Announcement: "Using the Phish Alert Button"- 3-minute Short Version

[ALERT] Now The Bad Guys Are Phishing For Your Retirement Money

[Scam Of The Week] New Sextortion Attacks Take A Dark Turn And Infect People With GandCrab Ransomware

The FBI Catches CEO Fraud Scammers by Giving Them a Taste of Their Own Medicine

True Phishing Confessions From A Compromised Company. This One Has A Twist At The End

"2019 Crystal Ball" On-Demand Webinar: What Security Experts Worry About for 2019

When Does a Legitimate Password Reset Email Feel Like a Phishing Attack? Just Ask Citrix Users

CEO Fraud Attacks are Citing the California Wildfires

Google Maps’ Bank Listings Updated by Scammers

GreyEnergy Malware Spreads Through Phishing Emails

Phishing Emails are Targeting Spotify Users

Hackers reportedly breached Republican campaign committee emails during 2018 elections

61% of Organizations Believe Negligent Users Will be the Primary Cause of a Data Breach in the Next 12 Months

Why You Need To Make Security Awareness Training Mandatory. Read This Horror Story.

Data Breach at Q&A Site Quora Affects 100 Million

That was fast! Bad Guys Are Using The Marriott Breach For Phishing Attacks

From the “Shaking My Head” File: New Phishing Scam Seeks to Help Wildfire Victims… With Google Play Cards???

CyberheistNews Vol 8 #48 [Heads-Up] Bad Guys Love Marriott: 500 Million Data Breach Is Phishing Heaven

The Massive Marriott Data Breach: Some Practical Advice For Business Travelers

Learning a 120K Lesson the Hard Way

Attackers Impersonate CEOs to Scam Employees into Sending Gift Cards for the Holidays

[Heads-up] Bad Guys Love Marriott: 500 Million Data Breach Is Phishing Heaven

KnowBe4 Fresh Content Update & New Features November 2018

Employers Are Liable If They Don't Protect Employees' Sensitive Personal Information from Attack

DNSpionage Malware Targets Domains in Lebanon and United Arab Emirates

KnowBe4 Reached A Major 2018 Sales Milestone...

Reduce the Risk of Data Breach by Focusing on Compromised Credentials

Shadow IT is Alive and Well: One-Third of Employees Deploy Their Own Software

Reminder: That Padlock Doesn’t Mean It’s Secure

Attackers Rev Up Financial Phishing Campaigns in Preparation for the Holidays

[Heads-up] Phishing Is Way Up And 65% Of Employees Plan To Do Holiday Shopping Online From Work

CyberheistNews Vol 8 #47 [Heads-Up] Bad Guys Are Now Taking Over Email Inboxes Without Phishing Attacks

As You Read This, It's Cyber Monday. How To Avoid The Top 10 Security Threats

[Heads-up] Bad Guys Are Now Taking Over Email Inboxes Without Phishing Attacks

75% of users reuse passwords across different accounts – this is up from 56% in 2014!

KnowBe4 Wins UK Security Excellence Awards!

Do Your Emails Make the Naughty or Nice List?

More Details On New Bill That Poses Jail Time and Fines for Senior Executives of Victim Organizations

CEOs are Prime Targets for Social Engineering Attacks

Dutch audit finds Microsoft Office leaks confidential data

MSPs: Ransomware Downtime Costs SMBs 10x the Ransom

"Quebec is an embarrassment": Province urged to do more on cybersecurity

IRS Issues Urgent Warning On Tax Transcript Scam

Expert Insights Recognizes KnowBe4 as a ‘2018 Market Leader’ for Security Awareness Training

Phishing Accounts for 50% of All Fraud Attacks [InfoGraphic]

CyberheistNews Vol 8 #46 [Heads-Up] New Hybrid Ransomware Strain Evades Detection by All but One Antivirus Engine

Now here is something new: Russian Banks Targeted by Sophisticated Phishing Emails

How better training, cybersecurity upgrades made one credit union safer

Russian APT Comes Back To Life With New Us Spear-Phishing Campaign

Hacked Law Firm Can't Claw Back $580,000 From Bank That Completed Transfer

Scam Of The Week: Black Friday & Cyber Monday Alert

KnowBe4 Modstore Release: Captain Awareness Has Arrived And Is Here To Help

Celebrate The Holidays! Here is a brand new free KnowBe4 training module!

KnowBe4 Named a Leader in the 2018 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Security Awareness Training

Malware Targets 67 Online Brands Ahead of Black Friday

Watch Out Banks: New PDF Attack Avoids Antivirus Detection

New Study: Ransomware Attacks Surge 500% on Apple Operating Systems

Phishing Attacks Rose by 30 Million in Q3 2018

Data Breaches Expose 3.6 Billion Records in 2018

Fun Thanksgiving Landing Page

[LAST CHANCE] The Pesky Password Problem: Battle of the Red and Blue Team

New Hybrid Ransomware Strain Evades Detection by All but One Antivirus Engine

New Ransomware Gang Pays Affiliates Up To 70% Of The Loot

CyberheistNews Vol 8 #45 [Heads-Up] FIRED: The Two C-level Execs Who Fell Victim to a Massive 21 Million Dollar CEO Fraud

[Heads-up] FIRED: Two C-level Execs Who Fall Victim To A Massive 21 Million Dollar CEO Fraud

More Untrustworthy Ransomware is Bad News for SMBs

[VIDEO] Brand New KnowBe4 "Behind The Scenes"

"Inception Attackers" Mix Old Exploit, New Backdoor, and Spear Phishing

Ransomware And RDP: A Dangerous Combination

Tweets from Elon Musk Still Aren't What They Seem

Having a Cybersecurity Culture Matters (and Pays)

Security is a Whole-of-Organization Responsibility

KnowBe4 Announces Competitive Buyout to Combat Ineffective Phishing Training Tools

Catphishing or Emotional Terrorism or Both: You Decide

Are Your Compliance, Risk, And Audit Projects Taking Up Too Much Of Your Time?

CSO: Users Pose the Greatest Security Risk

CyberheistNews Vol 8 #44 Has Microsoft Office 365 Beat Phishing?

SEO Poisoning + Midterm Elections = Cybercriminals Paradise

Most Americans Can be Fooled by Fake Election Emails

Scam Of The Week: Fortnite And League of Legends Phishing Attacks

Money Mules: How A Data Breach Turns Into Cash

New Stuxnet Variant Allegedly Struck Iran

The Pesky Password Problem: Battle of the Red and Blue Team featuring Kevin Mitnick [On-Demand Webinar]

Successful Pretexting Attacks Have Nearly Tripled since 2017

Phishing Scam Is Targeting League of Legends Players

Got A Chinese Vishing Scam Call in Mandarin

Has Microsoft Office 365 Beat Phishing?

Scammers Target 21 Social Media Users Every Minute

KnowBe4 Fresh Content Update & New Features October 2018

Scam Of The Week: Cryptocurrency On Twitter

KnowBe4 Halloween 2018

Elon Musk Draws Attention to Cryptocurrency Scams on Twitter

Sandboxed Defender: Game-Changing Antivirus

CyberheistNews Vol 8 #43 [INFOGRAPHIC] KnowBe4 Top-Clicked Phishing Email Subjects This Third Quarter

Security Rule-Breaking from Ignorance, Convenience, Curiosity

School Daze: Clever Phishing Emails Target Educational Organizations

Replica Phishing Sites Prey on User Trust

That Saudi oil and gas plant that got hacked. You'll never guess who could... OK, it's Russia

Everything is Negotiable… Including Ransomware Payments

KnowBe4 Top-Clicked Phishing Email Subjects for Q3 2018 [INFOGRAPHIC]

Everyone’s Cyber-Worried; No One’s Cyber-Prepared

CyberheistNews Vol 8 #42 [Heads-Up] U.S. Government: "Your Weak Cyber Security Violates Federal Law"

Scam Of The Week: Sextortion With A RATty Twist

[Heads-up] U.S. Government: "Your Weak Cyber Security Violates Federal Law"

[Heads-up] Here Is Some New Powerful Ammo To Get InfoSec Budget Approval!

212 Million Exposed Contacts Would Be a Scammer’s Dream

CEOs and Boards are Unprepared for Cyber Risk

75% of Users Don’t Know Cyber Security Best Practices

It Only Takes One Phish: 37K Records and a Month of Access

CyberheistNews Vol 8 #41 [Heads-Up] Add Wi-Fi Proximity to Your Cyber Attack Concern List

Three Out of Ten People Would Fall for Impersonation Scams

UK publishers warn of global phishing scams targeting manuscripts

Clueless: 64% of Working Adults Don’t Know What Ransomware Is

A trio of wealthy Russians made an enemy of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Now they’re all dead.

On Facebook, Make Sure They Are Who They Say They Are Before You become Friends

Your Users Need to be Smarter than the Scammers

Ransomware Attacks Are Not Slowing Down

Organizations Need to Prepare for the Aftermath of Phishing Attacks

Add Wi-Fi Proximity to Your Cyberattack Concern List

CyberheistNews Vol 8 #40 [Heads-Up] Instant LinkedIn Hit: "Kevin Mitnick Demos the USB Ninja Cable Attack"

Users Sharing Passwords Put Organizations at Higher Risk

Don’t Be Scammed Twice: Check Your Cyber Insurance!

Cyber Attacks Mean Double the Trouble in 2018

Vishing Scams are Increasingly Difficult to Detect

KnowBe4 Introduces New Features: Virtual Risk Officer and Advanced Reporting

British Government: "The Russian GRU Is Responsible For BadRabbit Ransomware And Many Other Cyber Crimes"

KnowBe4's Phish Alert Button Now Works With Outlook Mobile!

KnowBe4's Chief Hacking Officer Kevin Mitnick demonstrates the USB Ninja cable attack

KnowBe4 Fresh Content and New Features Update September 2018

KnowBe4’s Year-Over-Year Sales Nearly Double for Q3 2018

Retail is Unprepared for Social Engineering

Bleeding Edge Phishing Attack Uses Decoy PDF with Microsoft-issued SSL Cert

Celebrate National Cyber Security Awareness Month. Here is a brand new free training module!

Hackers: Social Engineering is Easier

Worry About Phishing, Not Malware!

CyberheistNews Vol 8 #39 [Heads-Up] Now in the Wild: New Super Evil Rootkit Survives Even "Nuke From Orbit" and HD Swap

[Heads-up] Now In The Wild: New Super Evil Rootkit Survives Even "Nuke From Orbit" And HD Swap

Kevin Mitnick weighs in on Facebook's big security breach

[InfoGraphic] 20 Ways to Block Mobile Attacks

Targeted Attacks Replace Spam Campaigns

The Cybercrime Economy Makes It Impossible to Stop

The Human Element is Essential to Safe Social Networking

Holiday Threat No. 1: Evil Twin Domains With A "Trusted" SSL/TSL Certificate

Brand-New Tool: Domain Doppelgänger Identifies Evil Twin Domains

The Lowly USB Drive Remains A Critical Cyberthreat

Phone Scam Impersonates Sheriff’s Office Using Judge’s Name

Ewww. Password managers can be tricked into believing that malicious Android apps are legitimate

Highly Targeted Email Attacks Are on the Rise!

As Predicted, Hurricane Florence Phishing Scams are Circulating

Adwind Trojan Uses Phishing To Circumvent Antivirus And Infect Workstations

I Got Vished (and So Can Your Users)

CyberheistNews Vol 8 #38 [FBI ALERT]: "Cybercrime Uses Social Engineering Techniques to Steal Employee Credentials and Commit Payroll Diversion."

Reminder: In Spite of Windows Flaws, Hackers Prefer Social Engineering

Phishing Attack On Office 365 Account Leads To 3 Million CEO Fraud

[Heads-up] Two Interesting Things You Want To Know About Right Away

Looking at Cyber Attacks From the Inside Out, It’s All About Social Engineering

Don’t Pay Hackers Ransom: It Only Encourages Them

The Need for Security Champions as Part of Your Security Culture

It Only Takes One Phish to Spoil Your IPO

Microsoft Office Macros Remain Top Choice for Malware Delivery

[On-Demand Webinar] The Quantum Computing Break Is Coming... Will You Be Ready?

Social Engineering, Just a Call Away

WSJ: "Forget Passwords. It’s Time for Passphrases."

Cryptojacking 101: A First Look at Cryptomining Attacks

When Does Effective Persuasion Become Manipulation and Social Engineering?

Brand-New Ransomware Simulator Tool Now with Cryptomining Scenario

CyberheistNews Vol 8 #37 Scam Of The Week: "The Boss Needs iTunes Gift Cards for Customers...NOW"

The Evolution Of "Friendly Name" Spoofing During Phishing Attacks

WATCH IT - Current Events Will Be Misused for Phishing...AGAIN

Sixth Circuit Says Policyholder's Social Engineering Loss Covered By Computer Fraud Policy

Colleges Become Phishing Targets with Student Loans as the Payoff

Your Users May Be Too Embarrassed to Report Email Scams

[ALERT] CEO Fraud Escalates. Bad Guys Now Go After Employee Personal Address And Phone Number

Cyber Attacks Cost German Industry Almost $50 Billion: Study

Phishing from Beyond the Grave...

KnowBe4 Wins Channelnomics Security Award for Best Security Training

[VIDEO] Password Sharing Means Not Caring

Want to Know How to Break into a Henhouse? Hire a Fox

Details of North Korea Attacks Highlight Email’s Role in Attacks

Phishing Scammers are Planning Well into 2020

New York State Universities Targeted by Phishing Scams

Phishing warning: One in every one hundred emails is now a hacking attempt

SCAM OF THE WEEK: "The Boss Needs iTunes Gift Cards For Customers... NOW"

CyberheistNews Vol 8 #36 Finally, KnowBe4 Was Spoofed by Bad Guys. Expected That for Years.

What is the secret to keeping your network safe? Training and automation

Try this Weak Password Test for a chance to win a Nintendo Switch!

"Voice Phishing" in Korea This Year Already Exceeds 2017 Numbers.

DMARC and Its Place in Email Security

Weaponized IQY Files Make Excel Users an Easy Target

Only 40% of Business Phishing Scams Contain Links

When Russian InfoSec White Hats Go Black

The Fundamental Importance of Choice and Variety in Security Awareness Program Content

You're Invited To Participate In The Inaugural 2018 Security Awareness Training Deployment Trends and Usage Survey.

Finally, KnowBe4 Was Spoofed By Bad Guys. Expected That For Years.

Size Still Doesn’t Matter Especially When It Comes To CEO Fraud

Campaign Email Security "as Bad as 2016"

Is Your Incident Response to Cyber Attacks Useless?

Advanced Malware Targets the Telecom Sector And Bypasses Antivirus

NY Cyber Law Hits 3rd Deadline: Toughest Yet to Come, How To Get And Stay Compliant?

Well-Known Cybercrime Group Continues Attacks on Banks

Email Impersonation aka CEO Fraud Remains on the Rise

Vigilance, Passcodes, and PINs the Best Defense Against SIM Swaps

CyberheistNews Vol 8 #35 New Evil PDFs Infect Machines With a Secret Backdoor and Exfiltrate Your Data Via Email

Customer Reports: "GSuite Makes Phishing Training Unnecessarily Hard..."

$1,170 Is How Much You're Worth On The Dark Web:

Come See Me Speak At The Wall Street Journal Small Business Academy October 16th

Mobile Phishing Campaign: Homograph Characters + "Free Flights"

Healthcare Organizations are Unprepared Without Cybersecurity Insurance!

One in five employees share their email password with co-workers

KnowBe4 is The ONLY simulated phishing and awareness training platform that is SOC2 Type 2 certified

Spike in Business Email Compromise

[INFOGRAPHIC] The Problem: More Data Breaches Despite Increasing Security Budgets

SEO Extortion by STD


This is a map of KnowBe4's 20,000+ customers Worldwide

Think Size Matters to Hackers? It Doesn’t

Google Warns of Govt-Backed Phishing

KnowBe4 Now Listed In The World's Top Security Companies - #6 of 20

KnowBe4 Fresh Content Update & New Features August 2018

New Malicious PDFs Carry Stealthy Backdoor And Exfiltrate Data Via Email

Suspicious Emails Are a Problem…to the Tune of 6.4 Billion a Day!

CyberheistNews Vol 8 #34 [VIDEO] The DNC Thought It Was Under Attack (It Was a Red Team Phishing Test...)

[INFOGRAPHIC] Cybercrime Pulls In A Million Bucks A Minute

Universities Are Still Targeted With Phishing Attacks By Iranian Hackers

SMBs Remain a Focus of Cyber Attacks in 2018

Cybercrime Takes Advantage of Agile Development

Democratic National Committee Thought it was Under Attack (It Was A Red Team Phishing Test...)

Data Breaches Projected to Reach 146 Billion Records

So, *HOW* much security awareness training content does KnowBe4 have at this moment???

Data Breach Costs Come Calling to the Tune of $115 Million

[Heads-up] Russian Hackers Widen Their Cyber Attacks Again With Spear Phishing Political Targets

Black Hat Puts Long-Term Social Engineering on Display

CyberheistNews Vol 8 #33 Scam of the Week: SharePoint Phishing Attack on Office 365 Users

KnowBe4 Adds Twist & Shout Video Modules to ModStore

Hackbusters - Where Can You Discuss All Things Social Engineering?

Great "Defense-in-Depth" InfoGraphic

Phishing is Still the #1 Cyber-Fraud Tactic

KnowBe4 Rockets To No 96 On the Inc. 500, Appearing For The Third Time. Stu Takes A CakeDive

Scam Of The Week: SharePoint Phishing Attack On Office 365 Users

Global Cyber Security spending to top $114bn in 2018, says Gartner

Organizations Remain Unprepared for Cyber Attack in 2018

[On-Demand Webinar] Exposing the Dirty Little Secrets of Social Engineering, Featuring Kevin Mitnick

Healthcare Sees 278% Increase in Data Breaches in Q2,  30% Caused By Repeat Offenders

CyberheistNews Vol 8 #32 How and Why White Hats Slowly Turn Into Black Hats

Tech Support Scammers Increase Success with Call Optimization

Creating a User Sensor Network to Stop Cyber-Attacks

Is IT Even Trying to Thwart Social Engineering Attacks?

Social Media Facial Recognition Could Make the Bad Guys Worse

Your Package is on its Way, But Not the One You Expected

Why Doesn’t Cyber Insurance Have Phishing Prevention Discounts?

CyberheistNews Vol 8 #31 [Heads-Up] Warn Your Employees. This Is the Year That Sextortion Spear Phishing Is Skyrocketing...

OK, Guys, this one is for you. Yes, you. The guy who keeps friending strange women on Facebook

Phishing Continues to be on the Rise in 2018!

New Release: Canadian Privacy Training Module

New UK Phishing Campaigns Lure Industry Targets With Compromised Email Contacts

Cybercrime Carbanak Gang Leaders Arrested After Causing 1 Billion In Damage

Is Your Country One of the Best Prepared for Cyber-Attack?

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