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New Global Research Underscores Continued Increase in Phishing Threats and Impact on Staff & Productivity

Barracuda today announced key findings from a new global research report. Here are the highlights:
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New Study: 25% of employees use the same password for every account. AUGH!

Employees may be a company's greatest asset, but they also remain the greatest cyber security risk, according to a Monday report from OpenVPN.
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Scam of The Week: Celebrity Deaths Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain

Two celebrities committed suicide this week, and unfortunately that's going to be exploited by lowlife internet criminals in a variety of ways.
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New Phishing Campaign Uses IQY Attachments to Bypass Antivirus And Installs RATs

A malicious spam campaign, distributed by the Necurs botnet, is using a new attachment type that is doing a good job in bypassing your antivirus and mail filters. 
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We Received A CEO Fraud Phishing Attack From Our Own Personal Accountants

This is an up-close and personal account of how my wife Rebecca and I (we hope) dodged a cybercrime bullet.  You probably do not know that I am an elected official of the City of ...
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Kate Spade Suicide Phishing Templates

This is another celebrity death which will spawn a raft of phishing and social media attacks. We recommend to inoculate your users before they make it through the filters.
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Watch Out For World Cup Soccer Phishing Scams

The 2018 FIFA World Cup has drawn a worldwide audience. It's also attracted phishing scams using event tickets as bait. Tickets for the matches can only be purchased legitimately through ...
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[Heads-up] Ransomware Insurance Expert: "Bad Guys Do More Damage Than They Used To"

The ransomware plague is not letting up and rapidly getting more technically sophisticated. New strains are popping up every month, using innovative methods to spread. Worse, the ransom ...
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