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Tech Support Scammers Increase Success with Call Optimization

Like legitimate call centers, tech support divisions, and organizations with inbound calling, scammers are using call optimization to improve callback success rates in tech support scams.
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Creating a User Sensor Network to Stop Cyber-Attacks

If your users aren’t trying to protect corporate data and assets, you’re at risk. What you need is for the user to become an integral part of their security measures.
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Is IT Even Trying to Thwart Social Engineering Attacks?

With so much else on their plate, are today’s IT organizations doing enough to protect the organization against social engineering and phishing attacks?
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Social Media Facial Recognition Could Make the Bad Guys Worse

Trustwave shows how the latest advancements in technology could be used to aid cybercriminal activity.
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Your Package is on its Way, But Not the One You Expected

Here's a current scam those involved in shipping and receiving should be aware of. Suppose you're expecting a package from a major package delivery company. You receive a seemingly ...
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Why Doesn’t Cyber Insurance Have Phishing Prevention Discounts?

Whether online-related or not, insurance is insurance. So, shouldn’t there be discounts for organizations who demonstrate cyber-responsibility?
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[Heads-up] Warn Your Employees. This Is The Year That Sextortion Spear Phishing Is Skyrocketing...

Intrepid cyber-investigative reporter Brian Krebs noticed that a story published on his blog July 12 about a new sextortion-based spear phishing scheme—which uses a real password used by ...
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OK, Guys, this one is for you. Yes, you. The guy who keeps friending strange women on Facebook

This was sent to me by a friend that I know is legit. It's a fun read and has some good tips on how to stay safe using social media.
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Phishing Continues to be on the Rise in 2018!

It should come as no surprise that the most successful attack tactic is being used more in 2018. APWG’s latest report shows us the trends and what to expect for the remainder of 2018.
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