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New Release: Canadian Privacy Training Module

This new 30-minute course from Canadian Privacy Training is now available in the ModStore. The course is available in English and French-Canada. This course provides information about ...
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New UK Phishing Campaigns Lure Industry Targets With Compromised Email Contacts

A new batch of U.K. phishing campaigns is using compromised email contacts to lure targets from the engineering, transport and defense sectors.
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Cybercrime Carbanak Gang Leaders Arrested After Causing 1 Billion In Damage

The FBI announced Wednesday, August 1st, that an international manhunt had collared three leaders of the Carbanak gang. Also known as Fin7, Carbanak specialized in phishing business for ...
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Is Your Country One of the Best Prepared for Cyber-Attack?

A global ranking of countries exists to demonstrate which are the most committed to raising awareness for cybersecurity in preparation for cyber-attacks. How does your country rank?
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Spam Remains the Criminals' Favorite Online Tool

Spam is forty years old, and it's still the enduring favorite of cyber criminals. What's reckoned to have been the first spam was distributed in 1978 over ARPANET. ARPANET would evolve ...
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UK Insurer Beazley: "Phishing attacks up in second quarter."

Attacks that target business email accounts continued to increase in the second quarter of 2018, accounting for 23% of incidents reported to Beazley P.L.C. clients, the insurer said ...
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You Can’t Afford a Data Breach – And They’re Only Getting More Expensive

Like everything else in this world, data breaches are costing organizations more too.
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Breach You Once? Shame on You. Breach You Twice? Still.. Shame on You.

Heed the warning found in the story of a Virginia bank that was not breached once, but twice in an 8-month period of time!
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No "Shame on You" When it Comes to Cybersecurity Testing

Employee testing is a necessary part of a well-executed and flexible security awareness program. For testing to be effective, however, it needs to be well thought-out, making an ...
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Snail-Mail Phishing with a CD as Bait

Several state government offices in the US have received CDs by mail, infected with malware. It's a clumsy attempt, according to an alert the Multi-State Information Sharing and Analysis ...
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