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Punycode Makes SMiShing Attacks More Deceiving

Phishing attacks carried out via text messages that use the “Punycode” technique to make nefarious URLs look legitimate are becoming more popular, cloud security firm Zscaler says.
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Satan Ransomware Spawns New And Innovative Methods to Spread

It’s a worrying trend that ransomware isn’t going away. Worse, it's constantly adapting to include brand new exploits/techniques and spreads in more innovative and successful ways. Today, ...
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The Con of Social Engineering: Law Firms are Easy Prey

Excellent article at about social engineering! A discussion of the threat that social engineering (aka the "human side of hacking") poses to law firms, and some tips and ...
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Hacking Humans—a new CyberWire podcast covering social engineering launched this week

Each week the CyberWire’s Hacking Humans podcast looks behind the social engineering scams, phishing schemes, and criminal exploits that make headlines and take a heavy toll on ...
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KnowBe4 Fresh Content Update & New Features May 2018

May was an exciting month with a variety of updates. Check out what's new! EXPLOQII ACQUISITION AND NEW VIDEO CONTENT We are excited to add a new content publisher to the KnowBe4 family. ...
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Here is a Spam Message from 1864, as Old as the Victorian Internet

  If you thought spam was just a twenty-first-century thing, think again. As usual, most things that seem new have pretty deep roots. Most of us can see spam's ancestry in junk mail, but ...
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Cobalt Cybercrime Group Resumes Phishing Attacks

The leader of the Cobalt hacking group was arrested in Spain two months ago, but the gang resurfaced at the end of May. Their spear phishing emails started hitting victims' in-boxes again ...
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Why is Windows 10 Rapidly Gaining Ground in The Enterprise While Win7 Gets Ditched?

Duo Security is a provider of secure login/access tools, and they just released their yearly Trusted Access Report with some very interesting data. Here Is The Summary Stats gathered from ...
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