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Can Russian hackers be stopped? Here's why it might take 20 years (cover story PDF)

Here's some excellent ammo from TechRepublic for a long-term IT security budget proposal. For this TechRepublic cover story, their Editor in Chief EMEA Steve Ranger explains why deterring ...
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Phishing Attacks Make Mortgage Wire Fraud Easier

The stress of obtaining a mortgage has just gotten worse, thanks to cybercriminals trying to con you out of your money. In new attacks targeting companies involved in the mortgage lending ...
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Vacation Dream Home Phishing Nightmare (but with a Happy Ending)

Mike Malone and his wife found the vacation condo of their dreams in Florida. They were in touch with a real estate agent who was handling the deal when suddenly their condo purchase ...
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How Mature is Your Security Awareness?

Here at KnowBe4, we believe the greatest defense against security threats is an organization with a strong security culture – one that elevates an employee’s awareness around threats, ...
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[Heads-up] Massive Downtime Caused By Bad Guys Killing Bank's 9,500+ Systems To Hide Stealing 10 Million Dollars Via SWIFT

A cyberattack against Banco De Chile (BDC)—that country's largest financial institution—bricked a hair-raising 9,000 workstations and 500 servers. However, killing these machines was ...
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More than 70% of users prefer MFA over old style password / username

More than 70 percent of computer users will choose password-less multi-factor authentication (MFA) over traditional usernames and passwords, according to new behavior research. The ...
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Finally, The Criminals Pay in CEO Fraud Scam

Some good news finally. It seems that the bad guys do get caught sometimes. In this case, 70 cybercriminals in the U.S. and Nigeria.
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#2good2Btrue: Beware of Cyber Criminals Out To Ruin Your Holidays

Does that flash sale offer on a holiday package or last minute ticket sound too good to be true? Then it probably is. You might end up with a non-existent, fraudulent or cancelled ...
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Looking for a Job? Beware of Recruitment Sites!

There’s yet another reason to not let your employees go looking for a new job on company time: cybercriminals are now leveraging recruitment sites.
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