[NEW]: KnowBe4 Just Released A Massive Improvement Of Vishing Security Tests

vishing_campaignreportWe have just released a massive improvement of our Vishing (voice phishing) functionality.

You now have the ability to use text to speech, upload your own custom audio, and create your own vishing templates.

Vishing now supports both domestic and international numbers, and the interface has improved dramatically. It's much more like the phishing templates section in the console.

You can set vishing campaigns to wait for prompts and then wait for users to do something and then that is the point of failure:

  • Make your own custom failure message
  • Point of failure training messages
  • Numbers are geolocated, just like the bad guys are doing it

At launch, there are 10 built-in vishing templates. Templates are available in 22 different languages.

Supports random, full random vishing, and specify the time period that you want calls to go out. Pick a category of vishing templates and randomly vish your users!

Specify if you want it to be primarily dial mobile or desk phone. If mobile and desk phone numbers part of Active Directory then you can use those.

Vishing will work in Smart Groups. (criteria based same as phishing) Your cost for this feature: if you are licensed for vishing, you can test your users up to 12 times per calendar year without any extra charges.

Vishing is included in Gold, Platinum, and Diamond subscription levels, documentation here: https://support.knowbe4.com/hc/en-us/articles/227567968-Vishing

Call or email your Customer Success Manager for more info.

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