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Lowlife Scammers exploit Sick Children in Latest Ransomware Attack

The outrageous attack combination of ransomware, claims to donate to charity, and even details of children’s names, diagnoses, and pictures proves there is no low cybercriminals won’t go ...
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The Government may be shut down, but the bad guys are not

By Eric Howes, KnowBe4 Principal Lab Researcher.  Once again we are starting tax season, and malicious actors are spinning up phishing campaigns to exploit the myriad opportunities ...
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Ohio’s New Data Security Law Seeks to Minimize the Risk of Data Breach Impacting Insurers and Their Customers

Following in the footsteps of North Carolina, the new Ohio law looks to regulate the cybersecurity practices, reporting, and notifications of its insurance industry.
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It Only Takes 1 Phish: “Unremarkable” Phishing Attack Results in a Breach in the European Union’s Diplomatic Communications Network

A three-year-long cyber-attack led to the successful breach of the all communications between all EU member states, putting countries and their futures at risk.
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The Dark Overlord Ransoms 9/11 Files Showing How Law Firms Can be at Risk of Data Breach

The actions by the cybercriminal organization The Dark Overlord demonstrate how law firms need to take data security and cyber readiness seriously.
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[Heads-up] Double Trouble: Ransomware And File Thief Combined In Nasty Hybrid Malware

A new malware attack has been detected in the wild. This nasty combines two known pieces of malware: the Vidar data harvesting malware followed by GandCrab ransomware.
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International Legal Tech Association: "KnowBe4 Is The Biggest Winner In Awareness Content"

The International Legal Technology Association is the premier peer-driven association for technologists in the legal field. The ILTA's most prestigious publication each year is their ...
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Phishing Kit Uses Custom Font Files to Decode Text

Researchers at Proofpoint discovered a phishing template that uses a unique method for encoding text using web fonts. The researchers found that the source code of the landing page ...
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KnowBe4’s Q4 2018 Year-Over-Year Sales Grow More Than 60%!

I'm excited to announce our incredible year-over-year Q4 2018 sales increase, growing more than 60% over Q4 2017's sales, breaking all records, and customer accounts now just under the ...
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Air Force Targets Their Own Staff with a “Threat Emulation” to Understand Their Cyber Awareness and Readiness

The U.S. Air Force’s Cyber division used spear-phishing tactics to test whether airmen can proficiently recognize and avoid email-based attacks.
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Judge Calls for County Officials to Resign After Falling Victim to a $500K CEO Fraud Scam

Months after a classic fraud scam took Galveston County for $525,000, County Judge Mark Henry is now asking for the County Auditor and Purchasing Agent to resign.
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Easy Hacker Targets: Bad Password, IoT Devices, and no 2FA. Let's Make It Harder In 2019!

Without proper security controls, compromising an IoT device is easy work for hackers, giving them access to potentially more than just the device. Let's make it harder for them in 2019!
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What Value Do Customers See In The KnowBe4 Platform?

Someone at Spiceworks asked: "I know there are discussions of Company Phishing Campaigns and Security Awareness Training, curious what everyone uses other than KnowBe4. I have been ...
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[Heads-up] North Korean Ransomware Attack Disrupts Major U.S. News Media

It was all over the news. A server outage at a major newspaper publishing company on Saturday that prevented the distribution of many leading U.S. newspapers, including the Wall Street ...
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2018: The Year of the Data Breach Tsunami [INFOGRAPHIC]

Our friends at Malwarebytes wrote: "It’s tough to remember all of the data breaches that happened in 2018. But when you look at the largest and most impactful ones that were reported ...
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Malicious Business Email Campaign Uses Google Cloud Storage to Target Banks and Financial Services Companies

Researchers at Menlo Labs have spotted and tracked a new campaign aimed at tricking employees of US and UK financial firms and banks into downloading Houdini Malware.
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KnowBe4 Fresh Content Update & New Features December 2018

Here's a few important updates to share with you for the month of December!
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You Must Know What You're Clicking On Even With MFA

By Roger Grimes, KnowBe4's Data-driven Defense Evangelist.  I’ve been in computer security for over 30-years and I’ve been giving presentations nearly as long. And in that time, no talk ...
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