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It's May 25th, 2018: GDPR DAY! Here Are Phishing Templates You Can Use...

Because it is "GDPR day" our templates team has been hard at work developing GDPR/Privacy policy templates. We have 6 new templates available in the system, located in Current Events. We ...
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1 in 10 healthcare organizations paid off ransomware within the last year

More than one in three healthcare organizations have suffered a cyberattack within the last year, while almost one in 10 have paid a ransom or extortion fee, according to Imperva.
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Which Users Will Cause The Most Damage To Your Network And Are An Active Liability?

The statistic that four percent of employees will click on almost anything, with “Free Coffee” and “Package Delivery” taking some of the top spots among phishbait subject lines, may not ...
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Surprise! What's The Country Where All The CEO Fraud Gangs Are?

A new study by Agari concludes that, despite all the attention nation-state espionage services have been getting for their phishing attacks, the big threat still comes from criminal gangs.
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Why are Antivirus Companies Promoting Security Awareness Training?

Today, the most surprising companies have jumped on the security awareness training bandwagon. Antivirus companies like Sophos, Kaspersky, Webroot and ESET are loudly promoting the fact ...
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A Banking Trojan Goes Phishing

Roaming Mantis has drawn notoriety as a banking Trojan. Its criminal controllers, however, have recently given it some new functionality: phishing and cryptomining. The criminals have ...
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Lawyer: GDPR Will Affect Ransomware Reporting In U.S.

The European Union's General Data Protection Regulation will affect how U.S. companies deal with the rising threat of ransomware attacks, according to a leading privacy lawyer, by ...
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“Good Enough” Free AV Software Argues For Security Awareness Training

By Guest Blogger Win10 Guru Ed Tittel. A surprising number of security experts agree that most users shouldn’t pay for a traditional antimalware suite. Windows 10's built-in protection, ...
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Pop-Up Mobile Ads Surge as Sites Scramble to Stop Them

A recent surge in mobile pop-ups, even on reputable sites, has left people more frustrated than ever.
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KnowBe4 Makes It To The Cybersecurity 500 Number Two Spot

KnowBe4 moves up the Cybersecurity 500 list from number six to number two of the world’s hottest security companies in 2018
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