Level Up Your Users’ Cybersecurity Skills with 'The Inside Man: New Recruits’

John Just

Cast of The Inside Man in comic book style arrayed with the tagline “The Inside Man: New Recruits”We’re thrilled to announce our newest addition to our ModStore’s already brimming collection of games with a new offering based on our award-winning “The Inside Man” training series!

"The Inside Man: New Recruits" makes your users part of the series as they help protect the Khromacom corporation from possible hackers. They’ll be recruited by series lead Mark Shepherd and interact with many other characters as they complete challenges related to password security, document handling, physical security, social media sharing, phishing and more. 

The game can serve as a great reminder as part of your training campaigns and is recommended for learners that have completed the first season of the series, or need a refresher after completing the fifth season.

The Inside Man New Recruits

Here's what awaits players in this immersive experience:

  • Real-Life Challenges: Fortify password strategies, handle documents carefully, and defend against varied cybersecurity threats
  • Leveling Up: Prove your prowess and earn titles from Security Awareness Apprentice to Expert based on your performance
  • Direct Application: The game requires players to apply the vital lessons from Season 1 and pass tests to progress

The Power of Play in Learning

KnowBe4 is far from new to the interactive game… game.  "The Inside Man: New Recruits" is just one of many investments we’ve made into the interactive, gamified style of learning, much to the delight of admins and learners alike! 

With this game, we’re hoping to increase the reach of our celebrated series, providing an active platform for practice and repetition — the cornerstones of mastering good security habits.

We Welcome Your Feedback — More Games to Come!

Your insights are invaluable. We are looking forward to your feedback about this game and any suggestions you (or your users) might have for future games to cover material in the other seasons. KnowBe4 is committed to building a suite of educational games that complement its content library, so dive into the ModStore for more interactive learning.

Gamifying your approach to security awareness can make all the difference — it's about learning, practicing and actually enjoying the process. 

Inside Man Season 5 Now Available

'The Inside Man' is an award-winning KnowBe4 Original Series that delivers security awareness principles embedded in each episode that teach your users key cybersecurity best practices and makes learning how to make smarter security decisions fun and engaging.

From social engineering, insider threats and physical security, to vishing and deepfakes: 'The Inside Man' reveals how easy it can be for an outsider to penetrate your organization’s security controls and network.

Inside-Man-S5-Announcement-Blog-Featured-ImageWant access to 'The Inside Man' series and see all our great security awareness training content?

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