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News about the latest CEO fraud attacks. See how the bad guys actually do this and how much money companies lose to this type of scam.

[FBI ALERT] Dramatic Increase in e-mail CEO Fraud To 2.3 Billion.

A brand new Alert by the FBI on April 4th 2016 warns of a major increase in what they call business email compromise or BEC (we call it CEO Fraud), amounting to a whopping $2.3 billion in ...
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IRS Warns Against A Widespread CEO Fraud Phishing Scam

OK, heads up! This tax season there is a widespread new scam that specifically targets your HR and Accounting professionals. They get an urgent email from "the CEO" who asks them for all ...
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CEO Fraud Phishing Attack steals 11,000 W-2s From Health Care Workers

A phishing incident has compromised the personal information of 11,000 Pennsylvania Main Line Health employees. Officials said the incident occurred on Feb. 16 when an employee fell for a ...
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[ALERT] New Strain Of CEO Fraud: Urgent Request for W-2s

This morning, our Controller received an email from "me", stating the following: Alanna  I want you to send me the list of W-2 copy of employees wage and tax statement for 2015, I need ...
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Crelan Bank Loses 75.8 Million Dollars In CEO Fraud

The Belgian Crelan Bank was the victim of a 70 million euro (75.8M U.S.) fraud that was launched from another country. They claim (PDF) this CEO Fraud was discovered during an internal ...
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CEO Fraud Costs Boeing Vendor 54 Million Dollars

Effective security awareness training for your high-risk employees is becoming a major priority. The accounting team of FACC, who design and manufacture aircraft components for Boeing and ...
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Credit Union Chilling CEO Fraud Story

I received this the last day of the year from a Director of IT Security who works at a mid-size credit union. "Stu, I think you’ll be interested in my story. If you want to share it, just ...
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Despite Warnings, CEO Fraud Scams Still Successful And Growing

In the last few months, law enforcement has warned repeatedly about a new scam that is rapidly expanding. The FBI calls it "Business Email Compromise" (BEC), but it is better known as " ...
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New KnowBe4 Feature CEO Fraud Prevention Phishing Test

We just released a new feature that allows you to test your employees for "CEO Fraud" spear phishing attacks. When you create a phishing email template, you can now specify a Sender Name ...
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KnowBe4 got a CEO Fraud phishing attack. Wrong Mark!

KnowBe4 has been warning against "CEO Fraud" emails for a few months now, the FBI also calls them "Business Email Compromise" (BEC). I had been hoping we would get one of these ourselves, ...
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FBI ALERT: Bad Guys Spoof Your Domain With CEO Fraud

The FBI recently warned against a new cyber crime wave. It's called "CEO Fraud" where the bad guys impersonate your CEO using your own spoofed domain name, and order employees to transfer ...
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What Is Worse Than Ransomware? Business Email Compromise

You are getting your Scam Of The Week early.  Yesterday, the FBI via their Internet Crime Complaint Center announced some shocking numbers. There is a 270 percent spike in victims and ...
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CEO Fraud Social Engineering Scam On The Rise

Known variously as the “CEO fraud,” or the “business email compromise,” highly sophisticated cyber criminals try to social engineer businesses that work with foreign suppliers. This ...
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