Campbell County Health Falls Victim To W-2 CEO Fraud


And another one.  You have to watch it, the tax scam season is back in full swing. 

Full W-2 information including SSN# for more than 1,400 employees who worked over the past year at Campbell County Health were mistakenly released sometime Wednesday to someone using CEO Fraud. 

“It appears that an unauthorized individual, impersonating a CCH executive, contacted an employee requesting W-2 information for all of our employees who had taxable earnings in calendar year 2016,” said Andy Fitzgerald, CEO of Campbell County Health.

Hospital officials moved as quickly as they could after finding out about the security breach, they are working with law enforcement investigators and a cyber security response team, said Karen Clarke, director of community relations.

The Gillette police reported Thursday that they were contacted at 2 p.m. Wednesday about the incident. A 66-year-old employee received an email that was spoofed to look like from an executive at the hospital and provided the requested information, said Police Sgt. Jason Marcus.

He said information on 1,457 employees was released and police are continuing to investigate the scam. In the meantime, Campbell County Health is offering identity protection services to those employees affected through what officials described as a leading identity monitoring service. 

“We take this matter and the security of personal information very seriously at CCH and we will continue to review and enhance our security practices to further secure our systems,” Fitzgerald said.

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