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The Next Evolution in Cyberattacks You Need to Worry About: AI

New testimony to U.S. Senate Armed Services Committee Subcommittee on Cybersecurity by Microsoft’s Chief Scientific Officer sheds light on AI-powered cyberattacks.
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Deep Fakes Getting Better Every Day With AI / Machine Learning

A recent article in The Next Web showed how AI can magically remove a person or object from a video background as computer algorithms “clips” the person walking across a street out of the ...
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The Malicious Use of Artificial Intelligence in Cyber Security

Kevin Townsend wrote a great article about AI in SecurityWeek, looking at the current state of affairs and the expected near future, based on a recent important scientific paper titled: ...
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[PHISHING ALERT] "Hey Did You See That Fake AI Porn Movie Of Yourself?"

Heads-up. I am sorry to have to bring up a very distasteful topic, but in the very near future your users will get phishing emails with something close to the ultimate click-bait, luring ...
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86% of security pros worry about a phishing future where criminals are using Artificial Intelligence

A new survey by Webroot shows that 86% of security professionals worry that AI and ML (machine learning) technology could be used against them. And they are right, because it will and ...
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AI-powered ransomware is coming, and it's going to be terrifying

Business Insider started an article with the following: "Imagine you've got a meeting with a client, and shortly before you leave, they send you over a confirmation and a map with ...
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We started trusting bad code from Day One

Vint Cerf – Photo by Charles Haynes
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Security Awareness Training Controversy

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CyberheistNews vol2, #30

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