[Eye Opener] FBI Warns Against New Business Identity Compromise (BIC). Top 5 Deepfake Defenses

The FBI warns that synthetic content may be used in a “newly defined cyber attack vector” called Business Identity Compromise (BIC) Imagine you're on a conference call with your ...
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FBI Warns of Deepfakes Used to Apply for Remote Jobs

If you're looking for your company's next remote IT position, you may want to think twice before doing so. The FBI recently reported to the Internet Complaint Center today that there are ...
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Deepfake Technology is Cloning a Voice from the C-Suite

Criminals used deepfake technology to steal $35 million from a company in the United Arab Emirates, Forbes reports. The attackers used “deep voice” technology to spoof the voice of a ...
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FBI Warns of “Almost Certain” Deepfake Attacks Over the Next 12-18 Months

A recent notification from the FBI warns cybersecurity professionals to be on the lookout for deepfake content that will be used for cyberattacks and foreign influence campaigns.
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Mom Charged in Deepfake Cheerleading Plot

Raffaela Marie Spone, a 50-year-old mom from Pennsylvania, has been arrested after allegedly leveraging deepfake technology to target several of her daughter’s cheerleading rivals.
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Video Verification and Deepfakes

Technology has introduced greater convenience for consumers around the world. With each new technological advancement, we have benefited from better, faster, and more accurate ...
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