FBI Warns of Deepfakes Used to Apply for Remote Jobs

FBI Warns of DeepfakesIf you're looking for your company's next remote IT position, you may want to think twice before doing so. The FBI recently reported to the Internet Complaint Center today that there are multiple complaints of people using deepfake video to apply for remote jobs in tech.

The FBI details more on the complaint in their public service announcement, "The remote work or work-from-home positions identified in these reports include information technology and computer programming, database, and software related job functions. Notably, some reported positions include access to customer PII, financial data, corporate IT databases and/or proprietary information."

Also according to the announcement, personal identifiable information has been used to seem more legitimate. If you suspect suspect a fake applicant, please report it to the complaint center site.

Deepfake attacks are not going away anytime soon. Start new-school security awareness training now to ensure your users are able to spot the warning signs in a fake video. 

Gizmodo has the full story

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