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Technical reporting and analysis on high-profile data breaches, how they happened, and how hackers are using the information mined from breaches.

Which HackBusters Logo Do You Like Best?

You miss important IT security news because you aren’t subscribed to the right sources, or the relevant security news is snowed under simply because of the incredible volume. So KnowBe4 ...
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The Gap Between PCI Compliance And IT Security

You may have seen this diagram before, and it's meant to be both entertaining and instructive. It is obvious to all of us that if your organization's focus is to "be compliant", the goal ...
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Major Hotel Franchise Announces Data Breach

White Lodging, a company that maintains hotel franchises under nationwide brands including Hilton, Marriott, Sheraton and Westin appears to have suffered a data breach that exposed credit ...
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WSJ: Did Hackers Got Into Target With Spear-phishing

Today (Jan 22, 2014) Wall Street Journal reporters Charles Levinson and Danny Yadron had a good summary of the current status of the Target Hack. 
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Target Databreach Now 110 Mil Cards - Neiman Marcus Hacked Too

It goes from bad to worse. The initial 40 million turns out to be really 110 million. Apparently the forensics team discovered another 70 million cards exfiltrated. And then the news ...
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Firm Bankrupted by Cyberheist Sues Bank

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Eastern European Hackers Hit Target Phish Out 40M Credit Cards

During the Black Friday shopping week, tens of millions of credit and debit card records were "phished" out of Target. The data breach was nationwide, and has extended for as far as ...
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LLoyds: Cyber Risk Rises from 12th to 3rd place In Three Years

You all know the world famous insurance company LLoyds. What you may not know is that they maintain a list of Top Risks. It's called their Risk Index and it's the result of a survey of ...
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Knowbe4 - CyberheistNews Vol 3, #14

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