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SMTP Relay Email Spoofing Technique

Researchers at Avanan have observed a surge in phishing emails that abuse a flaw in SMTP relay services to bypass email security filters.
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89% of Organizations Experienced One or More Successful Email Breach Types During the Last 12 Months

With the number of email breaches per year almost doubling in the last three years, organizations still don’t see email security solutions as being an effective means of stopping attacks.
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FIN12 Threat Group Speeds Up Ransomware Attacks to Just Two Days After Initial Access

As detection times are reducing across the board, threat groups are improving their craft and are prioritizing speed as the key ingredient in ransomware attacks.
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Organizations Have a 76% Likelihood of a Successful Cyberattack in the Next Year

New data from TrendMicro and Ponemon shows how almost organizations globally are not fully prepared for the looming threat of almost-certain cyberattacks.
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Man Convicted for $23 Million Phishing Scam Against the US DoD

A man in California has been convicted for stealing $23.5 million from the US Department of Defense in a phishing attack. The Justice Department explained in a press release that the man, ...
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Phishing Campaign Uses Simple Email Templates

A phishing campaign is using short, terse emails to trick people into visiting a credential-harvesting site, according to Paul Ducklin at Naked Security. The email informs recipients that ...
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75% of SMBs Would Only Survive Seven Days or less from a Ransomware Attack

With ransomware attacks on the increase, new data shows a material portion of small and medium business organizations are completely ill-equipped to address an attack.
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Half of IT Leaders Say their Non-Technical Staff are Unprepared for a Cyber Attack

New data shows IT leadership believes users outside of IT create a “continued significant risk to organizations” despite having a layered security strategy to prevent attacks.
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[EYE OPENER] The Ransom Payment is Only 15% of The Total Cost of Ransomware Attacks

As the number of ransomware attacks has increased 24% over the previous year, security researchers estimate the total associated attack costs to be just over 7 times higher.
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Criminal Gang Impersonates Russian Government in Phishing Campaign

Researchers at IBM Security X-Force are tracking a financially motivated cybercriminal group called “Hive0117” that’s impersonating a Russian government agency to target users in Eastern ...
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Hacking the Hacker: An Inside Look at the Karakurt Cyber Extortion Group

By breaking into an attack server, security researchers have uncovered new details that show the connection between the Karakurt group and Conti ransomware.
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Nearly all Data Breaches in Q1 2022 Were the Result of a Cyber Attack

New data from the Identity Theft Resource Center shows rises in the number of data compromises following 2021’s record-setting year, all stemming from cyber attacks.
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Cyber Attacks on the Global Supply Chain Have Increased by 51%

As supply chain vendors become a greater target, the businesses reliant upon them don’t seem to be responding with the appropriate urgency, according to new data.
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More_eggs Malware Distributed Via Spear Phishing

Threat actors are sending out the stealthy “more_eggs” malware in spear phishing emails that target hiring managers, according to researchers at eSentire’s Threat Response Unit (TRU).
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Community Associations Confront Social Engineering

It’s not just deep-pocketed corporations that prove attractive targets for social engineering. Any organization that holds information that can fetch a good price in the criminal ...
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If You Got a “Your Bill Is Paid For” Text, You’re Part of a Massive T-Mobile Texting Scam

The latest scam targeting T-Mobile customers impersonating T-Mobile and focused on collecting your personal data by tempting you with free “gifts”.
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LinkedIn is the Most Impersonated Brand in Phishing Attacks

Social media companies, particularly LinkedIn, are now the most impersonated brands in phishing campaigns, researchers at Check Point have found.
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New Phishing Attack Targets MetaMask Users for their Crypto Wallet Private Keys

A new phishing campaign impersonates MetaMask, informs victims their cryptocurrency wallets aren’t “verified” and threatens suspension.
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