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The U.N. counterterrorism chief says a 350% increase in phishing websites was reported in Q1 2020

UNITED NATIONS -- A 350% increase in phishing websites was reported in the first quarter of the year, many targeting hospitals and health care systems and hindering their work responding ...
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Ransomware Payments Increase by a Massive 60% as Email Phishing Rises in Frequency as Primary Attack Vector

The newest ransomware data paints a pretty bleak picture for organizations with “big game” attacks and six- and seven-figure ransom demands becoming the norm.
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Leaked U.S.-UK Trade Documents Show How Devastating Compromised Email Can Be

An ongoing criminal investigation highlights how classified documents stolen by Russian hackers from former U.K. trade minister Liam Fox may have been used to impact the British 2019 ...
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Five Reasons Why Ransomware Attacks Should Be Your Biggest Worry and Aren’t Going Anywhere

No other cyberattack has evolved like ransomware. Today’s attacks are more pervasive, invasive, impactful, damaging, and costly. Learn why and what to do about it.
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The Importance of Identifying and Focusing on the Malicious Behavior

Identifying malicious behavior is a more effective long-term strategy than trying to block individual malicious actors, according to Johnathan Hunt, Vice President of Security at GitLab. ...
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New Compliance Management Features Now Available in the KCM GRC Platform

We're excited to announce new updates and features to our KCM GRC platform to make managing your compliance projects even easier! KCM GRC helps you get your audits done in half the time, ...
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See Ridiculously Easy Security Awareness Training and Phishing

Join us for a live demo on Security Awareness Training and phishing in action!
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Visit KnowBe4 at Black Hat USA 2020 - Virtual Event

Are you attending (the 100% virtual) Black Hat USA 2020? Be sure to stop by the KnowBe4 booth August 5-6th to find out how to secure your last line of defense: USERS.
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[Interpol Alert] LockBit Ransomware Attacks Affect American SMB's

If you thought LockBit ransomware has gone away, think again. According to a recent report from Interpol, the impact of COVID-19 on cybercrime has taken shape and LockBit operators are ...
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Explosion of Zoom Meeting Phishing Attacks Over Spring and Summer of 2020 and Targeting Office365 and Outlook Credentials

Researchers at INKY have observed an “explosion” of Zoom-themed phishing attacks over the Spring and Summer of 2020. Most of the attacks are aimed at stealing credentials to services like ...
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Hacked High-Profile Twitter Accounts Are Used to Promote a Cryptocurrency Scam

Using the theme of partnering with a made up COVID-19 non-profit, the latest hack on twitter allowed some pretty prominent accounts to be used as pawns in a scam that netted $120K.
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New U.K. Phishing Scam uses a £400 Tax Cut as Bait

Pretending to be the U.K. Governments’ Digital Service Team, this latest COVID-related phishing attack seeks to con victims out of their credit card details.
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Netflix Phishing Attack Hides Behind a Functional CAPTCHA Page to Avoid Detection

In an interesting twist, cybercriminals utilize a well-known technology to keep security solutions from identifying a “failed payment” email as being fraudulent.
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Is it a Quiz Scam? Is it Bad? Is it Back With a Vengeance?

The answer to all three questions would seem to be, "yes." Quiz scams have become widespread over the past year, but they’ve gone largely unremarked, researchers at Akamai have found. ...
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July Fresh Content Updates from KnowBe4: Including New Recommended Training Suggestions in the ModStore

Here are a few important fresh content and feature updates to share with you for the month of July.
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Phishing Kits Continue to be Popular With Cybercrime Due to New User-Friendly and Sophisticated Features

Phishing kits continue to grow more user-friendly and sophisticated, according to a new report from ZeroFOX. The report explains that these kits have become a fixed feature in the ...
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[MOST WANTED] Criminal Hacker Of The Week: Maksim Viktorovich Yakubets

The FBI said: The United States Department of State’s Transnational Organized Crime Rewards Program is offering a reward of up to $5 million for information leading to the arrest and/or ...
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Introduction To KnowBe4's Services

KnowBe4 helps organizations to educate and train their employees against social engineering attacks, and carry out other required compliance training. KnowBe4 offers over 1,000 different ...
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The Recent Massive Twitter Social Engineering Hack Was Tried And True Pretexting

The verge reported: "Twitter provided an update about the unprecedented July 15th attack that allowed hackers to tweet from some of the most high-profile accounts on the service, in a ...
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