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Phishing Scammers Benefit from Shady SEO Practices to Rank Better Than Legitimate Domains

So-called “Black Hat SEO” services have popped up on Dark Web forums bringing advantageous search results to anyone willing to pay a small monthly fee.
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New IRS Phishing Scam Uses Fake Notices to Steal Microsoft 365 Credentials

Scammers use an “overdue tax bill” along with a sophisticated and obfuscated javascript-based “invoice” attachment to identify targeted victims, validate credentials, and transmit them ...
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FBI Director Warns of “Unprecedented” Cyberespionage Attacks Originating in China

FBI Director Christopher Wray highlighted China’s role in cyberespionage in a recent 60-Minutes news segment, saying the level of attacks the U.S. is seeing is “unprecedented in history.”
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New Phishing Attack Uses Malicious Chatbot For Real Time Social Engineering

Researchers at Trustwave have observed a phishing campaign that uses a chatbot to add legitimacy to the scam. The chatbot is on a harmless website, and is designed to convince the user to ...
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Phishing Attacks Increase by 54% as Initial Attack Vector for Access and Extortion Attacks

New analysis of threat activity for the first quarter of this year shows anyone with access to corporate email is a now on the front lines of modern cyberattacks of all kinds.
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It's More Than Phishing; How to Supercharge Your Security Awareness Training

Tell people not to click a link, pat each other on the back, and ride off into the sunset. If only security awareness training was that simple in Europe.
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Phishing Campaign Impersonates Shipping Giant Maersk

Researchers at Vade Secure warn of a large phishing campaign that's impersonating shipping giant Maersk to target thousands of users in New Zealand.
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WSJ: "Cyber Insurance Went Up A Whopping 92% In 2021"

Whoa Nellie, that's getting to be real money here. This is the kind of thing that starts cutting into your whole IT budget.
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Spear Phishing a Diplomat

Researchers at Fortinet observed a spear phishing attack that targeted a Jordanian diplomat late last month. The researchers attribute this attack to the Iranian state-sponsored threat ...
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Why People Fall for Scams

Scammers use a variety of tried-and-true tactics to trick people, according to André Lameiras at ESET. For example, they can easily find open-source information about people on the ...
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Think BEC Won’t Cost You Much? How Does $130 Million Sound?

A new lawsuit brings to light the all-too common occurrence of an attack, with this occurring during a business acquisition and costing the buyer more than they bargained for.
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Homeland Security: U.S. Ransomware Attacks Have Doubled in the Last Year

A March 2022 report from the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs zeros in on the growing problem of ransomware and lessons learned so far.
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Trezor Crypto Wallet Attacks Results in Class Action Lawsuit Against MailChimp Owner Intuit

Months after the MailChimp data breach targeting 102 companies in the crypto sector, a new lawsuit has been filed seeking millions of dollars in damages.
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Happy Credit Union Customers Become the Target of Spoofing Scams Due to a Lack of Email Security

Taking advantage of heightened levels of customer trust and satisfaction, along with lowered levels of properly implemented security, credit unions are seeing a rise in email-based scams.
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European Wind-Energy Sector Is the Latest Target of Russian State-Sponsored Attacks

While Russia consistently denies any launching of cyberattacks, attack details point to reasonable intent by and cybercriminal ties to the Russian government.
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Beware of Spoofed Vanity URLs

Researchers at Varonis warn that attackers are using customizable URLs (also known as vanity URLS) on SaaS services to craft more convincing phishing links. The attackers have used this ...
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KnowBe4 Earns 2022 Top Rated Award from TrustRadius

We are proud to announce that TrustRadius has recognized KnowBe4 with a 2022 Top Rated Award.
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Another Report of SEO in Phishing

Researchers at Netskope have observed a 450% increase in phishing downloads over the past twelve months, largely driven by attackers using SEO (search engine optimization) to improve the ...
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