WIRED: "This Disinformation Is Just For You."

shutterstock_1549738514WIRED just came out with an article that spells out the coming tsunami of highly targeted disinformation. here is a short summary and the article is highly recommended:

The New Age of Disinformation
Generative AI is not just about creating art or writing code; it's now being used to craft custom disinformation. Hany Farid, a professor at UC Berkeley, warns that this type of personalized disinformation will soon be "everywhere." It's not just about targeting groups; individuals can be targeted too.

The Danger of AI-Generated Content
Imagine a world where AI can analyze your tweets and create content specifically designed to engage you. Sounds cool, right? But what if it's used to spread lies and propaganda? That's the concern here. Even if 99% of disinformation campaigns fail, the 1% that succeeds can wreak havoc.

The Role of Social Media Platforms
Remember how Facebook's algorithms helped spread disinformation during the 2016 election? Well, as we approach the 2024 US election, AI-generated posts might be recommended to you. We're entering an era of higher-quality disinformation, tailored for specific audiences.

What Can Be Done?
The situation might seem dire, but there are steps that can be taken. People need to be aware of these threats and be cautious about the content they engage with. AI companies must also be pressured to implement safeguards. The Biden administration has even struck a deal with major AI companies like OpenAI, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and Meta to create specific guardrails for AI tools. However, Malicious AI Bots are already hitting the Dark Web.

The world of AI is accelerating, and with it comes the risk of disinformation. It's like a double-edged sword, offering incredible advancements but also potential dangers. As Farid puts it, we're repeating past mistakes, but now it's supercharged with mobile devices, social media, and existing chaos.

So next time you come across online "info" that pushes your emotional buttons, take a moment to think: Is this real, or is it a product of AI's new disinformation era? Stay vigilant, stay informed, and always be ready to spot social engineering attempts. 

Here is the WIRED Article

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