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Retail is in Trouble: 77% Of Retail Organizations Have Been Hit by Ransomware

With Retail seeing and feeling the impact of more ransomware attacks than nearly every other industry, a new report focuses in on what the repercussions look like for this sector… and ...
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“Browser-in-the-Browser” Phishing Technique Spotted in New Steam Account Attack

Luring victims using a realistic- and legitimate-looking fake browser window to steal Steam accounts, this new type of social engineering may be a sign of things to come.
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Phishing Campaign Targets GitHub Users

GitHub has issued an alert warning of a phishing campaign targeting users by impersonating the popular DevOps tool CircleCI, BleepingComputer reports. The phishing emails inform users ...
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[New Feature] Managing Your Risk and Compliance Tasks Just Got Easier with KCM’s Jira Integration

We’re thrilled to announce that Atlassian Jira integration support is now available with KnowBe4’s KCM GRC platform.
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Security Practices Are Improving, But Cybercriminals Are Keeping Up

A survey by the Spanish GetApp software rating site has found that the number of organizations using phishing simulations has risen from 30% in 2019 to 70% in 2022. Despite this positive ...
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Phishing Attacks Reach an All-Time High, Quadrupling That of Early 2020

New quarterly data from the Anti-Phishing Working Group shows unprecedented phishing activity with increases in BEC, use of social media, vishing, and smishing.
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Social Engineering Targets Healthcare Payment Processors

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has issued an alert warning of an increase in phishing and other social engineering attacks against healthcare payment processors.
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[HEADS UP] Bank of America Warns About Recent Scams That Request Zelle Payment Due to 'Suspicious Activity'

Bank of America recently sent a customer service email warning users to watch out for this new phishing attack.
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Uber security breach 'looks bad', caused by social engineering

It was all over the news, but ZDNet's Eileen Yu was one of the first. -- "Hacker is believed to have breached Uber's entire network in a social engineering attack, which one security ...
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Phishing from a French Government Career Website

Attackers are exploiting a legitimate French government website to send phishing messages, according to researchers at Vade. The website, Pôle Emploi, is a career site for companies ...
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[MSP News] Manage Your Multiple KnowBe4 Accounts Faster with Managed Training and Phishing Rolled Into One

You wanted the ability to manage both phishing and training campaigns across multiple KnowBe4 accounts, and we listened!
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Cisco Attempt Attributed to Lapsus$ Group

Security researchers at Cisco Talos have issued an update on the cyberattack Cisco sustained earlier this year. The attack began with a phishing attack against a Cisco employee, which led ...
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[HEADS UP] The Online Scams exploiting Queen Elizabeth's Death are Here

The Sun just reported that experts are sending a warning about online scams in relation to Queen Elizabeth's passing.
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Scammer Continues Phishing From Prison

Dutch authorities have announced that an imprisoned scammer was running a phishing operation from his jail cell, Cybernews reports. The crook used four mobile phones to post malicious ads ...
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Ransomware Gangs Improve Attack Speed and Evade Detection with New "Intermittent Encryption" Tactic

As ransomware gangs look for new ways to improve their execution, this relatively new encryption tactic has been gaining popularity in multiple ransomware families.
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Striving for 100% Completion Rates: Getting Compliance on Your Compliance Training

You might think 100% completion rates on any employee training sounds too good to be true. But, getting compliance on your compliance training is possible!
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Report: 80% of Phishing Attacks Leverage Legitimate Web Infrastructure and Services

Threat actors are taking advantage of every free tool and service they can to improve their changes of successfully fooling security solutions, with compromised websites taking the lead.
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Gaming-Related Phishing Trends

Researchers at Kaspersky have found that the vast majority of gaming-related malware lures are targeted at Minecraft players. Roblox came in at a distant second, and the researchers note ...
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