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212 Million Exposed Contacts Would Be a Scammer’s Dream

A recent discovery of exposed data on a web-facing server owned by data aggregator and analytics provider Apollo demonstrates how data breaches empower scammers.
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CEOs and Boards are Unprepared for Cyber Risk

Deloitte’s CEO and Board Risk Management Survey shows organizations are unprepared for the future of cyberattack at the highest levels.
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75% of Users Don’t Know Cyber Security Best Practices

New data from MediaPRO’s third annual State of Privacy and Security Awareness Report shows users are less prepared this year to address the risk of cyberthreat.
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It Only Takes One Phish: 37K Records and a Month of Access

The attack on California-based Gold Coast Health Plan went undetected, allowing attackers access to healthcare data serving as fuel for fraud.
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Three Out of Ten People Would Fall for Impersonation Scams

Phony police calls in the US have been telling people they need to pay a fine for missing jury duty. In the UK the scams take a different form: the bogus police are asking for the ...
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UK publishers warn of global phishing scams targeting manuscripts

A succession of global phishing scams targeting publishers and agents has prompted responses from several global publishers, reports the Bookseller.
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Clueless: 64% of Working Adults Don’t Know What Ransomware Is

Ransomware is one of the new scourges of the net and every IT pro is fighting to protect users from attacks. However, a new study shows that the majority of working adults don’t know what ...
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A trio of wealthy Russians made an enemy of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Now they’re all dead.

The Wall Street Journal just came out with a rather chilling tale.   "Nikolai Glushkov—found strangled to death with a dog leash in March—had been the last survivor of three men, once ...
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On Facebook, Make Sure They Are Who They Say They Are Before You become Friends

You receive a message apparently from a Facebook friend telling you they received another friend request from you. They go on to diagnose the "situation," tell you that you’ve been ...
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Your Users Need to be Smarter than the Scammers

Fraudsters have all but eliminated indicators used to detect fake identities on line, reports Socure, a predictive analytics provider. The difference between authentic and fake identities ...
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Ransomware Attacks Are Not Slowing Down

Annual ransomware-induced costs are projected to exceed $11.5 billion by 2019, according to Veeam. Defined by the Department of Justice as “a new model of cybercrime with a potential to ...
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Organizations Need to Prepare for the Aftermath of Phishing Attacks

Phishing campaigns are growing more sophisticated as industries become increasingly aware of the threat they pose. Some of these attacks are so clever and meticulously crafted that many ...
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Add Wi-Fi Proximity to Your Cyberattack Concern List

The latest attack from the Russian GRU involves both traditional spear phishing and close access attacks in an attempt to thwart an investigation of the nerve agent attack in the UK.
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Users Sharing Passwords Put Organizations at Higher Risk

Cybercriminals thrive on misuse of credentials, and users sharing them only makes the criminal’s job easier. The latest report from LastPass shows password sharing is rampant.
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Don’t Be Scammed Twice: Check Your Cyber Insurance!

You’re already worried about the possibility of becoming a victim of a cyber scam. Be sure you clearly understand what your cyber insurance coverage is, or you may feel like you got taken ...
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Cyber Attacks Mean Double the Trouble in 2018

According to the 2018 Traveler’s Risk Index, the percentage of businesses that have been the victim of a cyberattack has doubled… and most businesses aren’t even remotely ready.
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Vishing Scams are Increasingly Difficult to Detect

Phone scams are becoming more convincing as attackers devise new ways to sound legitimate. KrebsOnSecurity recently spoke with several readers who'd been targeted by voice phishing, or ...
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KnowBe4 Introduces New Features: Virtual Risk Officer and Advanced Reporting

We are excited to announce the availability of two new features, Virtual Risk Officer and Advanced Reporting.
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