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Iran indictments show even U.S. intelligence officials are vulnerable to basic phishing schemes

As the story broke about the charges against former U.S. Air Force intelligence specialist who defected to Iran and support targeted hacking against some of her former colleagues, one ...
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U.S. Cities Remain at Risk of Cyber Attacks

Recent attacks on city governments have not only provided their attackers with revenue from scams, data breaches, and data held ransom, but have also drawn the attention of other ...
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Business Email Compromise, Credential Theft, and Many Other Attack Vectors Surged as High as 5x in Q4 2018

The latest data from Proofpoint shows many types of cyberattacks making massive jumps in comparison to both previous quarters and years.
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KnowBe4 Named Fastest Growing App in Okta’s Business at Work 2019 Report

Cybersecurity services rank at the top of the list of fastest-growing apps in corporate America
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Cyberheist On Bank Causes Shutdown Of All Operations

Reuters reported that the Bank of Valetta, which accounts for almost half of Malta’s banking transactions, had to shut down all of its operations on Wednesday after hackers broke into its ...
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New York State Education Department Proposes New Regulations to Strengthen PII Security

The new proposed amendments seek to protect the personally identifiable information for students and school personnel accessible by both educational agencies and contractors.
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Risk Alert: Most Users Still Don’t Understand Much About Scams, Attacks, and Cyber Risk

The latest data from Proofpoint shows improvement in user cyber-awareness, but organizations have a long way to go to consider users able to help prevent attacks.
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Bogus Security Alerts Aren’t From Norton

  Con artists are targeting thousands of people with tech support scams that pose as security alerts from Norton Security, researchers at Symantec have found. The phony alerts pop up in ...
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Surge in Email-enabled Healthcare Fraud

Email fraud targeting healthcare professionals has spiked 453% over the past two years, according to a new report by Proofpoint. Proofpoint researchers tracked business email compromise ...
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Company Sues Employee After She Falls For USD 250K CEO Fraud Scam

A woman is being sued for sending approx. 250K of her employer's cash to an online fraudster.  Patricia Reilly, who was working for the UK Peebles Media Group fell for a CEO Fraud Scam ...
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You Have A Special Valentine's Day Message!

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Another Home Buyer Falls Victim to a Business Email Compromise Scam

A man in Portland, Oregon lost $123,000 after falling victim to a real-estate scam, according to Michele Lerner at The Washington Post. In December, Aaron Cole and his family were about ...
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Massive Increases in Trojans and Backdoor Attacks More Than Double, Spelling Trouble for Organizations

Growth in attacks designed to obfuscate access and purpose should put organizations on alert as cybercriminals gain control over endpoints to do just about anything they want.
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One-Third of Organizations Aren’t Ready to Combat Cybersecurity Attacks, Despite Increases in Security Spend

The latest data from eSecurityPlanet highlights that organizations have a lot of work to do to ensure they are secure in the face of a shortage of cybersecurity professionals.
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New Phishing Attack Uses Google Translate to Spoof Login Page and Fool Victims

A clever use of Google Translate fools victims into believing spoofed authentication requests are being handled by Google itself.
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Data Breaches Result in Lost Customer Confidence Costing Organizations More than Just Fines

Consumers have spoken: According to new data, the majority of your organization’s customers won’t do business with you after a data breach and expect you to pay to protect their personal ...
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[LIVE WEBINAR] Get an Insider View Into the Methods and Exploits of the World's Most Famous Hacker, Kevin Mitnick

Many of the world's most reputable organizations rely on Kevin Mitnick, the world's most famous hacker and KnowBe4's Chief Hacking Officer, to uncover their most dangerous security flaws. ...
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Scammers Still Exploit Hijacked GoDaddy Domains

Criminals are still using hijacked GoDaddy domains to launch large-scale spam campaigns, despite GoDaddy taking steps last month to address the authentication flaw exploited by the ...
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