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Hackbusters - Where Can You Discuss All Things Social Engineering?

The KnowBe4 Hackbuster’s Forum is an online community dedicated to stopping the bad guys that use social engineering to hack your organization.
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Great "Defense-in-Depth" InfoGraphic

Michael Fisher shared this on Twitter. Very nice and gives an immediate overview of #CyberSecurity Defense-in-Depth with all the areas it encompasses. Here it is:
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Phishing is Still the #1 Cyber-Fraud Tactic

Online, e-commerce and mobile fraud are on the rise, according to RSA, with 41% of successful attacks enabled by phishing scams.
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KnowBe4 Rockets To No 96 On the Inc. 500, Appearing For The Third Time. Stu Takes A CakeDive

Today, we celebrated two milestones in-one:
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Scam Of The Week: SharePoint Phishing Attack On Office 365 Users

The attack dubbed “PhishPoint” by Cloud Security vendor Avanan demonstrates the craftiness and extent cybercriminals will go to in order to harvest Office 365 credentials.
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Global Cyber Security spending to top $114bn in 2018, says Gartner

The need for improved detection, response and privacy is driving the demand for security products and services in response to security risks, business needs and industry changes, Gartner ...
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Organizations Remain Unprepared for Cyber Attack in 2018

With such an abundance of information around attack methods, vulnerabilities, and potential targets, you would think IT has a handle on cybersecurity. Accenture shows us they don’t.
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[Live Webinar] Exposing the Dirty Little Secrets of Social Engineering, Featuring Kevin Mitnick

In this rare live event, Kevin Mitnick, the world's most famous hacker and KnowBe4's Chief Hacking Officer, along with Perry Carpenter, KnowBe4’s Chief Evangelist and Strategy Officer, ...
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Healthcare Sees 278% Increase in Data Breaches in Q2,  30% Caused By Repeat Offenders

It’s not good to be in Healthcare IT these days, judging by the latest data. With over 3 million records put at risk by both insiders and external attacks in Q2, healthcare orgs need to ...
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