What our customers are saying about our security awareness training

cyber_attacks-1One of our customers sent us this today:

"I wanted to give you an update on our security awareness training. When we did the baseline phishing campaign for 85 employees and we had a click rate of 42%.

After that data was captured, HR sent out a mandatory training notice that all employees had to take the Kevin Mitnick Security Awareness Training 2015 training video and that it had to be completed by a certain date. At that date, all but 2 had completed the training. We also require all new employees to take that training as well.

As the end of the training period neared, I setup scheduled phishing campaigns using random templates, mostly financial and social, for 4 groups, each group starting a different week and day. I ran the reports for April, and we had a click rate of 2%, basically 2 people out of 86 people clicked.

A very significant reduction in click rates, and more importantly reducing the possibility of getting hacked from a malicious email. Considering the costs of recovering from a ransomware attack, the training is well worth the cost.

The phishing campaigns will continue each month and monitored, we are sending out a security tips email each month, and we will be opening up the additional training videos to all employees soon.

Thanks for your great support and great products!"

D.H. , Senior Network/Desktop Engineer


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