Kevin Mitnick Security Awareness Training Success Stories

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Here are some user quotes from employees of a mid-size defense contractor that completed the training.

“Never want to open an email again. Yikes!”

“Nice training learned a lot! Was not aware that it was that bad.“

“Interesting training. Thanks for making this available.”

“I got a lot of good information from the training this morning. I know a lot of folks who could benefit from this training that are not employees (wife, kids, church secretary, friends, etc., etc.). So my question, is it possible to buy viewings of this video for non-employees somehow? Thanks so much!”

“This was a real eye opener. Can I have my wife take this training as well?”

“I need a total scub down after watching that video – can you say “paranoid”!! :-) ”

“Best training we’ve had yet. Hopefully it will make us smarter. :-)”

“I went through this training and it was incredibly helpful to me. Thanks for taking the time to do this. Is there a way I can provide this to my children?“

Here is the page to Kevin Mitnick Internet Security Awareness Training.

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