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Learn about current spear phishing attacks, specific examples, and techniques the bad guys are currently using so your users don't fall for these attacks.

1st Quarter 2013: 6.5 Million New Malware Strains Built

The Research Team of Panda Labs just reported that between January and March of this year, more than 6.5 million new malware strains were built, and that of those 75% were trojans. In ...
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We hired 3 more people, the office is getting full !

We had three more people start this week, two in sales and one to help our channel partners. The office is getting full! Our Kevin Mitnick Security Awareness Training is doing GREAT. We ...
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Consumer Reports: 9.2 Million Phishing Victims Last Year

Consumer Reports today came out with some numbers that should give you pause. 9.2 Million Americans fell victim to a phishing attack last year, and a whopping 58.2 Million had a malware ...
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$1Million Cyberheist From Leavenworth Hospital

Kevin Mitnick sent me an article that illustrates why it is needed to train all employees not to fall for hacker tricks: "Friday, April 26, 2013 - WENATCHEE — Hackers stole more than $1 ...
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Automated Twitter DM Spear Phishing

Automated Twitter DM Spear Phishing. It was to be expected. Cyber criminals now are able to scrape your followers from Twitter, and send you a Direct Message (DM) supposedly coming from ...
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Georgia Tech Researchers Try To Stop Spear-phishing

Georgia Tech correctly identified that the most challenging threat facing corporate networks today is “spear phishing.” “Spear phishing is the most popular way to get into a corporate ...
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Security firms slow to react to spear phishing like that used in China hack

Antone Gonsales at the CSO site hits the nail on the head: "Email security vendors have failed to do enough to protect customers against advanced cyberattacks like the one recently linked ...
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91% of cyberattacks begin with spear phishing email

Antony Savvas at Computerworld UK had a good write-up about this quite interesting news: "Some 91% of cyberattacks begin with a "spear phishing" email, according to research from security ...
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