Congressional Aides Targeted By Spear-phishing Attacks

Reuters just reported that Congressional aides in the Senate and House of Representatives said on Thursday that they were notified of a potential security risk involving email and other accounts.

Reuters said:" The memo added, 'no account or data has been accessed or stolen.' But the memo warned that the posting of congressional email addresses often leads to 'future targets of spear phishing,' a type of electronic fraud targeting specific organizations."

Excuse my French, but "no shit sherlock" - this has been going on for years. It's called Advanced Persistent Threat and especially the Chinese have been waging this type of attack against U.S. infrastructure, defense and high-tech companies.  

The U.S. has been hacking everyone back as well. There is a team of (at least) 5.000 U.S. cyber warriors doing this stuff all day long all over the world. And let's not even talk about the NSA that is monitoring everyone in the U.S. as well with an electronic dragnet. Now more than ever it is true that: "It's Not That Computers Aren't Secure, It's That People Aren't."

And people (especially Congrssional Aides) need Kevin Mitnick Security Awareness Training to make sure they do not click on spear-phishing links or open infected attachments. 


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