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Hacking news about techniques cyberriminals use, how they (sometimes) get caught, the organizations that have been hacked and how it impacts their business.

Yahoo Email Hacked

Yahoo warned yesterday that unknown attackers have attempted to access a number of Yahoo Mail accounts, and urged users to change their passwords even if they haven't been affected. Jay ...
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The History Of Hacking In 5 Minutes For Dummies

What do you do when you need to explain the history of hacking to a busy non-technical manager in five minutes or less? Here is an attempt to make this extremely complex subject into a ...
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Even the tech-savvy get their accounts hacked...

By Steve Ragan , Staff Writer at CSO wrote: "October 22, 2013 — The millennial generation, those of us who were born and raised alongside the Internet, should be wise enough to avoid ...
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New Cybercrime-as-a-Service: Unethical Pen-testing

I have talked about this a few times before, there is a well-developed $3 Billion underground economy specialized in cybercrime. Here is an example of a "promising" new criminal DIY ...
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Spear-phishing attackers vandalize CNN, TIME and Wash Post

You would think that by now journalists and people in media and advertising would be on the alert for social engineering red flags. But no. Syrian hacktivists sent a spear-phishing attack ...
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LLoyds: Cyber Risk Rises from 12th to 3rd place In Three Years

You all know the world famous insurance company LLoyds. What you may not know is that they maintain a list of Top Risks. It's called their Risk Index and it's the result of a survey of ...
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Cybercrime Attack Vector Of Choice: Employees

Today, employees are the low hanging fruit for cybercrime. Organizations counter this with what is called 'Security Awareness Training' (SAT), but modern SAT is far removed from how it ...
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CyberheistNews Vol 3 #20

      Latest Attack Trend: 'Persistent Spear Phishing'
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CyberheistNews Vol 3, # 19

CyberheistNews Vol 3, # 19     Fraud-as-a-service Goes Mainstream
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Knowbe4 - CyberheistNews Vol 3, #14

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