14 Things That Definitely Should Not Be On The Internet, But Are

You would think that after the recent few years of press showing the risks of the Internet that people would wise up. But no. To my astonishment it's getting worse, not better. Just have a look at this InfoGraphic that shows 14 things that absolutely should not be hooked up to the Net, but are, and worse, have weak passwords. Un-friggin-believable. If this is what the "Internet-of-Things" is going to look like, I want to get off this planet. Things like the entire traffic control system of Los Angeles, waterplants and hydroelectric plants. Augh! Just check out the infographic below and shiver. ( Hat Tip to WhoIsHostingThis)


InfoGraphic This Should Not Be Connected


Hat Tip to WhoIs HostingThis

Topics: Cybercrime, Hacking

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