[MSP News] Manage Your Multiple KnowBe4 Accounts Faster with Managed Training and Phishing Rolled Into One

You wanted the ability to manage both phishing and training campaigns across multiple KnowBe4 accounts, and we listened!

The KnowBe4 account management console has been updated to provide an improved user experience for the Admin when creating both phishing and training campaigns for multiple managed KnowBe4 accounts. 

In addition to managing phishing campaigns, the new functionality gives Admins a faster way to create, schedule, and edit training campaigns across customer accounts all in one place

The managed campaign feature for phishing and training includes granular controls to target specific groups of users or all users across multiple accounts on any given campaign

managed campaign feature for phishing and training

What This Means for You

  • Saves time and is a more efficient way of setting up multiple managed phishing and training campaigns that could only be done at the individual account level in the past
  • Decrease time to set up initial baseline phishing campaigns for new customers by setting up new campaigns across multiple accounts in one fell swoop
  • Create ongoing managed training and phishing campaigns with the ability to update or edit specific managed campaign settings for child account campaigns
  • The Primary Admin has the ability to grant managed campaign permissions to other partner admins on the account. There are separate permissions for Managed Phishing, Managed Training, and Managed ModStore.

For Current Partners

Getting started with Managed Training and Phishing is easy. Simply log into your KnowBe4 Partner Console and look for the new enhancement under the Training or Phishing tab, depending on the campaigns you wish to manage. For more KnowBe4 Security Awareness Training resources, log in to your Partner Portal

For questions or if you want more information, contact your Partner Success Manager or take a look at the following support documentation articles about Managed Phishing and Managed Training.

Interested in partnering with KnowBe4? Get information about KnowBe4's partner program benefits and see what our current partners have to say.

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