[MSP News] Manage Your KnowBe4 Accounts Faster With NEW Managed Phishing Functionality

You have been asking for a better way to manage your multiple KnowBe4 accounts, and we heard you! We've made enhancements to the KnowBe4 phishing platform and added the NEW Managed Phishing functionality, giving you a faster way to create, schedule, and edit phishing campaigns across your customer accounts — all in one place. 

This new functionality saves you time and is a more efficient way of setting up multiple managed phishing campaigns that could only be done at the individual account level in the past. Managed Phishing gives MSP Admins granular controls with the ability to target specific groups of users or all users across multiple accounts on any given managed phishing campaign. 

You can also select individual phishing templates for a one-time test or fully randomized system or managed templates so that users on your managed accounts are receiving different phishing templates at different times.Managed Phishing Campaigns FeatureHow this benefits you:

  • Decreases time to set up initial baseline phishing campaigns for your new customers by setting up new campaigns across multiple accounts in one fell swoop
  • You can create ongoing managed campaigns and edit the managed campaign settings to apply changes to all child account campaigns
  • Your Primary Admin has the ability to grant managed phishing campaign permissions to other partner admins on the account
  • Managed Phishing Campaigns are visible in the managed accounts by local account admins so that you have the option to prevent local admins from editing or deactivating managed campaigns

For current partners:
Getting started with Managed Phishing is easy. Simply log into your KnowBe4 Partner Console, look for the new enhancement under the Phishing Tab. For a quick overview, log in to your Partner Portal to watch the support video located in the Product Demos section: https://knowbe4.force.com/partners/s/media-catalogs

For questions or if you want more information
, contact your Partner Success Manager or take a look at the support  documentation:  https://support.knowbe4.com/hc/en-us/articles/360049400313-MSP-Reseller-Multi-Account-Org-How-to-Create-a-Managed-Phishing-Campaign

Interested in partnering with KnowBe4?
For information on becoming a KnowBe4 partner, please visit https://www.knowbe4.com/partners.

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