KnowBe4 Has Had Another Blow-Out Fourth Quarter

2013_2016_Q4.jpgHappy New Year!

I'd like to thank all our customers for your support. 2016 has been fantastic.

Our year-over-year sales increase was 298% for Q4 2016, with a record number of over 750 new corporate accounts in December alone with a very robust 88% customer retention rate, rising to over 8,000 enterprise accounts.

We have seen consecutive growth for a record 15 straight quarters, and more recently a stellar 2300% growth rate from 2013 to 2016. We made it into the Inc. 500 and Deloitte Fast 500 this year.

Our new-school security awareness training and simulated phishing platform has been well received by IT managers because it finally allows them to manage the ongoing problem of social engineering and train their employees to make better security decisions.

Customers continually tell us that their employee security culture is much better. Staff feels safer knowing they can better control both their organization’s and personal internet security.

Ninety-three percent of all phishing email contains ransomware. Between ransomware and CEO fraud, cyber criminals have built themselves a very successful business model that is pumping hundreds of millions of dollars into their pockets.

These internet bad guys are located primarily in Eastern Europe and are out of the reach of U.S. law enforcement agencies, leaving both companies and nonprofits to fend for themselves.

CEOs, C-level executives and managers in Finance and HR are increasingly becoming targets for cyber criminals. They need help along with employees to recognize the evolving techniques used by cybercriminals.

KnowBe4 strongly recommends monthly simulated phishing attacks to keep employees aware and on their toes. We have added some powerful new features this year like the new "Phishing Reply Tracking" function that allow you to send spoofed CEO Fraud email and monitor the responses.

We need all the help we can get to spread the word. Please continue to tell your friends about us in the new year? Thank you so much.
PS, stay tuned for an exciting announcement January 10th.  
Warm regards,
Stu Sjouwerman
Founder and CEO
KnoweBe4, Inc


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