[INFOGRAPHIC] The Problem: More Data Breaches Despite Increasing Security Budgets

The CyberEdge 2018 Cyberthreat Defense Threat Report shows that lack of security talent, low security awareness among employees, and too much data to analyze are the three major headaches IT pros have to deal with trying to keep their networks safe.


More Data Breaches

Despite increasing security budgets and investing in the best cybersecurity tools, organizations today are subject to more successful breaches than ever before – with five million data records lost or stolen every day and cybercrime pulling in a million bucks a minute.

A full  77.2% of respondents  report that their company had been successfully breached at least once in 2017, with 27.4% reportedly breached more than six times. More than 62% say they expect to be breached this year. The high breach counts are occurring despite large investments in security tools.

More Budget

As per the Cyberthreat report, InfoSec is more than 12% of the overall IT budget globally, with security budgets set to rise almost another 5% this year.

One major issue is a lack of cybersecurity talent. Increasing budgets will not help if you can’t find qualified staff. In 2017, nearly nine out of 10 organizations experienced a shortage of IT security talent. This year, only eight out of 10 respondents indicating that their organizations are impacted by the security talent shortfall.
The Scary Picture
It all adds up to a scary picture, as – despite increasing security budgets - companies struggle to deal with headaches ranging from low security awareness, lack of management support, small budgets, simply too much data even for new tools to analyze, and little confidence in current investments.

Learn more about the 2018 Cyberthreat Defense Report, including an infographic with some of the statistics we used in this blog post and an executive brief that delivers key findings. Source: DarkReading

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