Healthcare Providers Get Free Assistance with Remediating Ransomware Attacks

iStock-1165046681In the wake of ransomware attacks continuing on healthcare providers, despite the obvious need for hospitals and urgent care clinics to remain operational, one company is offering some help.

You’d think that even cybercriminals have some measure of common sense and would avoid targeting healthcare providers at a time when they are vital to the survival of… well, humanity. But, it seems that we’re just not seeing that level of intelligence, with ransomware attacks on healthcare provides actually increasing. And because the average ransomware attack puts an organization out of business for 15 days, ransomware response company Coveware is offering healthcare providers with free ransomware remediation assistance.

This assistance includes analysis of the ransomware, free decryption (if available), and ransom negotiation as a last resort.

According to Coveware, Healthcare is the #2 most-attacked industry, with Sodinokibi and Ryuk ransomware variants taking the lion’s share of attacks. Between these two, Ryuk almost exclusively is spread via email phishing attacks, putting healthcare workers on not just the frontlines of the pandemic, but of ransomware attacks.

While we all know healthcare workers are busy where COVID remains very active in parts of the world, providing some degree of Security Awareness Training can have a material impact on lowering the likelihood of these key employees from falling for phishing scams contextually designed to trick healthcare workers into clicking on links and attachments.

The assistance from Coveware will help speed up the process or recovering from a ransomware attack. But Security Awareness Training will help keep healthcare providers from becoming a victim in the first place.

Ransomware Has Gone Nuclear, How Can You Avoid Becoming The Next Victim?

There is a reason more than half of today’s ransomware victims end up paying the ransom. Cyber-criminals have become thoughtful; taking time to maximize your organization’s potential damage and their payoff.

After achieving root access, the bad guys explore your network reading email, finding data troves and once they know you, they craft a plan to cause the most panic, pain, and operational disruption. Ransomware has gone nuclear.

GoneNuclear-WEBINARJoin us for this webinar where, Roger Grimes, KnowBe4’s Data-Driven Defense Evangelist, dives into:

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  • Evolved threats from data-theft, credential leaks, and corporate impersonation
  • Why ransomware isn’t your real problem
  • How your end users can become your best, last line of defense

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