It’s Official: Scams Via Email and Text are Inescapable as Nearly Every American Receives Fake Messages Daily

Scams Via Email and TextNew findings show that the overwhelming majority of people have to sort through scam messages and texts.

According to McAfee’s Global Scam Message Study, more than 80% of Americans say it’s more difficult than ever to spot a text, email or social media message that’s a scam. The proliferation of such messages sent via email and SMS is giving the average person a real sense that even they could become a victim if they’re not careful.

According to the survey, the problem of email and text-based scams is rampant:

  • 95% of Americans have receive fake messages or scams via email daily
  • 40% of them receive five or more fake email messages each day
  • 87% of have receive fake messages or scams via text each day
  • 30% of them receive five or more fake text messages each day
  • 75% of the people surveyed have receive fake messages or scams via social media every day as well

Now add back in that 80% of Americans who can’t tell the difference between a legitimate and a scam email.  This has a lot to do with the massive uptick in the use of AI tools to generate content.  With tools like FraudGPT making every aspect of a scam nearly completely automated, it’s incredibly easy for the newbie scammer to jump into the game and have a very real-looking arsenal of websites, emails, etc. to launch their very first scam.

In the corporate environment, organizations need to consider elevating their employee’s sense of cyber vigilance through new-school security awareness training to help them err on the side of caution. Even when they can’t tell if a message is a scam or not, helping to reduce the risk of a successful scam or possible cyber attack.

KnowBe4 enables your workforce to make smarter security decisions every day. Over 65,000 organizations worldwide trust the KnowBe4 platform to strengthen their security culture and reduce human risk.

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