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[Eye-Opener] More Than Half Of Your Employees Cut Security Corners When They Work Remote

More than half of your employees are cutting corners with regards to cybersecurity while working from home, putting your organisation at risk. The coronavirus pandemic has forced all of ...
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What to do About BEC?

Funds transfer fraud, also known as business email compromise (BEC), is a much more widespread problem than it seems, according to lawyers at Ice Miller LLP. The attorneys believe this ...
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[Heads Up] Ransomware Damage Skyrockets As Ransoms Grew 14 Times In Just 12 Months

Last year was highly profitable for ransomware actors but with the prices we've seen recently, 2020 is likely to surpass it as actors continue to target large companies in key industries. ...
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Beware of Phony LogMeIn Security Updates

Researchers at Abnormal Security warn that a phishing campaign is trying to steal LogMeIn remote desktop credentials. The attackers are sending phishing emails that purport to come from ...
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Phishing Campaigns Using Google Firebase Storage

Scammers are hosting phishing pages on Google Firebase Storage to bypass email security filters, Threatpost reports. Firebase is a Google-owned application development platform that ...
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[Scam Of The Week] Microsoft Warns To Look Out for This Massive Covid-19 Excel Phishing Attack

Microsoft this week warned about a massive phishing attack that started on May 12. The campaign sends emails that look like they are from the "Johns Hopkins Center", and they have an ...
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[Heads Up] The COVID Remote Work Mandate Skyrockets "Work From Home" Training Enrollments

KnowBe4 was one of the first to warn first about the impending COVID phishing tsunami on Jan 31, 2020.  The bad guys did not disappoint and went all-out, all cylinders firing, and pulled ...
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Nearly Every Organization is More Concerned about Cybersecurity Than Before COVID-19

New data from security vendor Tripwire highlights how the shift to remote working has changed the face of cybersecurity for both the current work climate and the future.
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Your Next Ransomware Attack May Require Two Payments!

In a case of adding insult to injury, a new strain of ransomware is looking for one payment to decrypt, and a second payment to not publish stolen files.
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Preying on the Unemployed

An SMS phishing campaign has been exploiting the COVID-19 crisis by spoofing the website of a job placement agency, the New York Daily News reports. The scammers set up a website that ...
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Biases People Take Home With Them

Employees will naturally follow their cognitive biases unless organizations proactively engage them in security processes, according to Georgia Crossland, a Ph.D. researcher at Royal ...
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Scammers Exploit Rollout of COVID-19 Contact-Tracing Apps

An SMS phishing campaign is telling people they’ve come into contact with someone who’s contracted COVID-19, Computing reports. The UK’s Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI) ...
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Dutch Online Retailer Wehkamp Loses 144,000 Euros in Bankruptcy Business Email Compromise

Cyber criminals successfully gained access to email traffic between bankruptcy trustees and Wehkamp – one of the biggest online retailers in The Netherlands – writes RTL Z. Employees of ...
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That Email from President Trump? Yeah, That’s a Phishing Scam

New phishing scams impersonating President Trump and Vice President Pence are designed to install malware or be the start of an extortion scam.
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World's Largest Sovereign Wealth Fund Falls For $10m Social Engineering Attack

The Norwegian Investment Fund has been swindled out of 10 million dollars by fraudsters who pulled off a social engineering attack that the Norfund called "an advanced data breach" but ...
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Paying the Ransom Doubles the Cost of a Ransomware Attack

The total cost of the average ransomware attack more than doubles if the victim decides to pay the ransom, according to Sophos’s State of Ransomware 2020 report. The Sophos-commissioned ...
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OUCH! REvil Ransomware Attack Hits A-List Celeb Law Firm

OUCH! BBC News was one of the many major media sites who reported May 12 that a media and entertainment law firm used by A-list stars including Rod Stewart, Robert De Niro, Sir Elton John ...
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Watch Out for the Coming Tsunami of Mortgage Rescue Phishing Scams

At this point in time, with 10 years of phishing attack analysis under our belt, we can predict with a high reliability level what will be showing up in the near future. We see two scams ...
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