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FBI Warns of Deepfakes Used to Apply for Remote Jobs

If you're looking for your company's next remote IT position, you may want to think twice before doing so. The FBI recently reported to the Internet Complaint Center today that there are ...
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Try the new Compliance Audit Readiness Assessment today for the NIST Cybersecurity Framework

When it's time to complete a compliance audit of your cybersecurity readiness plan, are you thinking, "Ugh, is it that time again?"
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MetaMask Crypto Wallet Phishing

A phishing campaign is attempting to steal credentials for MetaMask cryptocurrency wallets, according to Lauryn Cash at Armorblox.
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Pre-Hijacking of Online Accounts are the Latest Method for Attackers to Impersonate and Target

Rather than run a complex credential harvesting phishing scam, attackers use existing information about their victim and hijack a popular web service account *before* it’s created.
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“Failure to Authenticate” Wire Transaction at the Heart of a Cyber Insurance Appeal Case

Lawsuits over denied cyber insurance claims provide insight into what you should and shouldn’t expect from your policy – and that actions by your own users may make the difference.
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Phishing Scammers Leverage Telegraph’s Loose Governance to Host Crypto and Credential Scams

The free and unmonitored webpage publishing platform has been identified as being used in phishing scams dating back as early as mid-2019, as a key part to bypass security solutions.
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Vendor Impersonation Competing with CEO Fraud

Researchers at Abnormal Security have observed an increase in vendor impersonation in business email compromise (BEC) attacks.
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[Heads Up]  Russia has increased the cyber attacks against countries that help Ukraine

The Wall Street Journal just reported that Russian intelligence agencies have increased the pace of cyberattacks against nations that have provided aid to Ukraine, according to new ...
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Spear Phishing Campaign Targets the US Military

Researchers at Zscaler warn that a spear phishing campaign is targeting the US military and other sectors with phishing emails that purport to be voicemail notifications. The emails ...
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FBI Warns of Fraudsters on LinkedIn

The US FBI has warned that scammers on LinkedIn are a “significant threat,” CNBC reports. Sean Ragan, the FBI’s special agent in charge of the San Francisco and Sacramento field offices, ...
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KnowBe4 June 2022 Perspective

Information Security is mission-critical today. The global risk situation is higher than ever. Your employees are still your largest attack vector. New-school security awareness training ...
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Smishing Text Scams Have Doubled in the Last Three Years

New data shows a rise in the use of text messages as an effective vehicle to connect with potential victims for social engineering scams as Americans increase their preference of the ...
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New PDF-Based Phishing Attack Demonstrates that Office Docs Aren’t Passé – They are Just Obfuscated!

Security researchers have discovered a cunning PDF-based phishing attack that leverages social engineering and PDF prompt specifics to trick users into opening malicious Office docs.
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Over 2000 Social Engineering Scammers Arrested in Multi-Country Crackdown on Fraud, BEC, and Money Laundering

Thousands of members of cybercriminal groups were arrested in a sting that lasted 2 months and involved coordinated efforts of the law enforcement departments of 76 countries.
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Vishing Attacks Increase 550% Over Last Year as the Financial Sector Continues to be a Primary Target

Cybercriminals are continuing to bypass the use of malware in favor of response-based and credential-centric social engineering attacks, according to new data from Agari and PhishLabs.
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142 Million Customer Records From MGM Resorts Leaked for Free Download

The availability of such a massive number of records at no cost to any cybercriminal interested is a recipe for countless phishing campaigns using the data itself as a means of ...
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New Phishing Campaign Uses ChatBot Functionality to Build Trust and Steal Credit Card Details

Rather than go for the phishing jugular and point the victim immediately to a webpage to steal credentials or personal details, a new phishing campaign uses a chatbot to lower victim ...
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The Next Evolution in Cyberattacks You Need to Worry About: AI

New testimony to U.S. Senate Armed Services Committee Subcommittee on Cybersecurity by Microsoft’s Chief Scientific Officer sheds light on AI-powered cyberattacks.
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