Your Ransomware Task Force: Response, Recovery, and Remediation Tips from the Pros

RansomwareTaskForce-SOC-3When you realize your organization has been hit with a ransomware attack there are a few things that need to happen. One… take a deep breath. Two… contain the damage. And three… initiate your recovery plan IMMEDIATELY.

To help you prepare for a rapid response Roger Grimes, KnowBe4’s Data-Driven Defense Evangelist, is moderating a two-part series where he’ll interview two seasoned, hands-on ransomware and data loss professionals.

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Session 1 – Critical Steps for Responding to a Ransomware Attack

During this session, Roger interviews John Mullen, of Mullen Coughlin LLC. John has served as a “Breach Coach” to thousands of affected organizations to help them contain and investigate ransomware attacks.

In this session you’ll learn:

  • The number one mistake most ransomware victims are making today
  • When you need to call a “Breach Coach” and what they can do to help
  • Rapid response steps you need to take when your organization gets hit
  • Why new-school security awareness training is more critical than ever before

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Session 2 – Ransomware Expert Guide: Extortion, Crisis Management, and Recovery

Join us on Wednesday, May 20 @ 2:00 pm EST when Roger interviews Bill Hardin of Charles Rivers Associates. Bill specializes in forensics. He’s the guy that comes in to figure out what happened, secure the environment and perform containment/eradication, restore operations back to normal, and more.

In this session you’ll learn:

  • Of the thousands of cyber events Bill has investigated what is different in 2020
  • Tactics and techniques your security team can use to hunt within your environment
  • Bill’s top 3 takeaways regarding ransomware recovery
  • How to enable your users to spot suspicious attacks before they affect you

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Bad guys are constantly coming out with new strains to evade detection. Is your network effective in blocking all of them when employees fall for social engineering attacks?

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RanSimScreen-1Here's how it works:

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