Google: "Office Inbox Receives 6.2X More Phishing And 4.3X More Malware Than Your Inbox At Home".

Email-Inbox.jpgGoogle Research analyzed over a billion emails passing through Gmail, and the results were presented yesterday at the RSA security conference in San Francisco.  

Extremely interesting stats: corporate email addresses are 6.2 times more likely to receive phishing attacks, 4.3X likely to receive malware compared to personal accounts, but 0.4X less likely to receive spam.


This is the first time that results like this are published but it makes sense to the degree that corporate inboxes tend to contain more valuable information, which can be much more easily monetized.

Are you in real-estate or know someone working in that business? Companies active in real estate were the most targeted with malware compared to businesses working in retail, IT, finance, insurance, and other more financially attractive domains.

However, organizations active in Finance, Entertainment and IT were the most targeted by phishing as of Q1 2017. It looks like attackers are targeting organizations based on their size, type, sector of operations and country, said Google's Ali Zand.


Here is the whole slideshare presentation. I strongly recommend you step through the whole thing:

This is the URL to the slideshare persentation:

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