Your KnowBe4 Fresh Content Updates from February 2022

Check out the 28 new pieces of training content added in February, alongside the always fresh content update highlights and new features.


New Resource: Security Culture Maturity Model


Security Culture Maturity Model Whitepaper Feb 2022 Content Update

We’re thrilled to introduce the Security Culture Maturity Model, an industry-first framework that enables organizations to measure their progression to developing a sustainable security culture!

This data-science-based model has been developed by KnowBe4 Research and is powered by KnowBe4’s unmatched experience in security awareness, behavior, and culture utilizing the industry's largest dataset.

Security Culture is defined as the ideas, customs, and social behaviors of a group that influence its security. Organizational leaders can use this model to determine their current position based on a variety of data inputs and develop a strategy for continued progress as described in this informative whitepaper.

Ready to explore the Security Culture Maturity Model and see where your organization stands?

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Here's the direct link to learn more about the Security Culture Maturity Model:


New Product Feature! AI-Recommended Optional Learning

We are excited to announce that the power of AI has been brought to the KnowBe4 Optional Learning feature to offer users suggestions for additional training opportunities.

The AI-Recommended Optional Learning feature leverages machine learning to recommend additional training modules to your users based on their previous course completions. Optional Learning enables you to offer your users additional training content from the KnowBe4 ModStore.

AI-Recommended Optional Learning Feb 2022 Content Update

Using data from KnowBe4’s AIDA, our Artificial Intelligence Driven Agent, the recommendation engine allows you to easily serve up relevant and optional learning content for your users without the need to create an optional training campaign.

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KnowBe4 – Multi-Stage Vishing

Multi-Stage Vishing Security Doc Feb 2022 Content Update

Vishing or “voice phishing” cyberattacks are becoming more sophisticated as the bad actors are now combining phone calls & emails to trick you. This security document explains how multi-stage vishing attacks work, the red flags to look out for and what you can do if you receive a suspicious email.

Eleven new pieces of training content added this month. The KnowBe4 Multi-Stage Vishing security document is available at the Diamond, Platinum and Gold subscription levels.

The Security Awareness Company – March Newsletter

Security Awareness Company Inside Ransowmare Newsletter Feb 2022 Content Update

Ransomware attacks represent one of the biggest threats to organizations of all industries. A simple wrong click on a phishing link or attachment could be all it takes to lock up data and disrupt services.

This month’s edition, Inside Ransomware, explores the inner workings of the ransomware business model to provide a deeper understanding of why it’s so successful and how individuals can help ensure their organization avoids this dangerous form of malware.

Six new pieces of training content added this month. Training content from the Security Awareness Company, including the March Newsletter, is available at the Diamond subscription level.

Popcorn Training – Business Conduct Series: PCI DSS - Retail 

Popcorn Training PCI-DSS Retail Stores Feb 2022 Content Update

Find out why payment card data is valuable, the threats retailers face when processing card data, the different attack methods used by cybercriminals and how to keep card data safe in the retail environment.

Three new pieces of training content added this month. The Popcorn Training Business Conduct Series: PCI DSS - Retail Stores training module is available at the Diamond subscription level.

Twist & Shout – The Inside Man Season 4 Official Trailer

Inside Man Season 4 Trailer Feb 2022 Content Update 

Following the dramatic conclusion of season three, this fourth season of 'The Inside Man' takes the action to a truly international stage. Mark Shepherd’s team of cyber warriors - AJ, Fiona, Maurice and Violet - are facing their deadliest threat as a devastating ransomware attack brings an international energy company to its knees. Simultaneously a global influencer falls prey to a vicious deep fake. Violet’s dark past is catching up with her while Mark increasingly looks like a hero. Season 4 coming soon! Learn more here:

The Inside Man series is available at the Diamond subscription level.

MediaPRO – Simple Security Habits

MediaPRO Simple Security Habits Feb 2022 Content Update

This Mobile-First training module teaches employees where to find sensitive information and resources in your workplace, good security habits to practice every day, how to keep a clean work area, and how to prevent unauthorized access.

Two new piece of training content added this month. Security awareness training content from MediaPRO, including Simple Security Habits, is available at the Diamond subscription level.

New Publisher! – Kontra Application Security Training

V2 Kontra Application Security Training Feb 2022 Content Update

We are excited to welcome Kontra as our newest content publisher in the KnowBe4 ModStore! 

Kontra is accelerating application security training and software security education through interactive learning. Inspired by real-world vulnerabilities and case studies, Kontra offers a series of interactive application security training modules to help developers understand, identify, and mitigate security vulnerabilities in their applications.

Four new pieces of training content added this month. Kontra Application Security Training is available at the Diamond subscription level.


In addition to fresh new training content, you want content localized to the language needs of your organization and users. That's why in addition to constantly updated and new content, KnowBe4 releases fresh new translations regularly to the ModStore.

In the month of February, 154 new translations were added for the following training content categories:

  • Newsletters/Security Documents/Posters: 34
  • Games/Assessments/Training Modules: 83
  • Video Modules: 37


New Content February Content Updates 2022

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